OSRS Shilo Village – RuneScape Guide

Shilo Village is a town located in southern Karamja. In this quest, the players lay to rest a vengeful spirit that is attacking the Shilo Village. The quest unlocks access to the village and its cart system.  

Rewards for Completing the Quest: 

  • 3,875 Crafting experience. 
  • 2 Quest points. 
  • Access to Shillo village.  


Mosol Rei rushes toward you and tells you to run away from here and save your life as the Queen Rashiliyia is back. They will trap us to take control of the village. He asks you to take a Wampum belt and give it to Trufitus, so that he can provide us the details about the legend, you’ll take the belt from Mosol.  

Now you will go to Bwo Wannai Village and give the Wampum belt to Trufitus and tell him that Mosol told you that you know something about a legend. He will reply that I don’t know much about that but Ah Za Rhoon temple may hold the details of this mystery. Tell him that you are going to Ah Za Rhoon temple to solve the mystery. Trufitus will wish you good luck.  

You will search the mound of earth and rotate it upside down to see if there is anything. You will see a hole through it, tie a piece of rope into the hole and enter there. This will take you to the underground dungeons. You will find a written piece of paper under the rocks. You will find one more paper under the old sacks. Then you have to place a skeleton in a sack to take it to Trufitus, he may know something about that.  

Now go back to Bwo Wannai Village to meet Trufitus. You have to hand over the scrolls and skeleton to Trufitus to have a look. He will tell you that the scroll has some information about Rashiliyia. He will ask you to bury the skeleton and go to a sacred ground in the center of the village. You will move outside to bury the skeleton. As you bury it, the spirit of Zadimus will appear. He will say that you released me from torture and then a piece of bone will come out where you buried that skeletoon. Take that bone piece with you.  

Show that piece of bone to Trufitus and tell him the spirit of Zadimus gave you this bone and asks you something about the key and kin. Trufitus will respond that this may be some kind of a clue and he will research this. 

Now you’ve to move up on the hill and search well stacked rocks there.You will find a small way into the hill. You will find a rusty sword, crystal sphere near the Tomb dolmen. Craft a necklace with the help of these items. 

Now you will move towards Gandius. Search the carved door right under the palm tree. The door will have a lock made up of bone. Craft a key from that bone piece and you will be able to unlock the door. You will enter underground dungeons and as you touch the Tomb dolmen, an evil enemy will appear, just kill it. 

After killing him, a female enemy will appear. Kill her and collect Rashilliyia corpse. Move back to the Tomb Dolmen and place the Rashilliyia corpse there. Rashilliyia will appear and thank you for relaxing her spirit. This will end your quest and you will get rewards for your effort.  

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