OSRS Cold War – RuneScape Guide

In the Cold War quest, the players have to act as an undercover penguin spy to find out the plans of the penguins. This quest is located on the iceberg in the Lunar Sea. 

Rewards for Completing the Quest:

  • 1,500 construction XP.
  • 5,000 agility XP.
  • 2,000 crafting XP.
  • 1 Quest point.
  • Access to the iceberg.
  • Ability to make penguin suits.


Start a conversation with Larry in the zoo and ask him if he needs any kind of help. Larry will reply that he is a zoo keeper and wants to research the penguins. He will ask you to collect the required material and he will arrange transport to go to the location of penguins. 

Once you reach the iceberg, Larry will ask you to make a bird hide with the help of material you have and then put snow on the bird hide. Go into the bird hide and note down the actions of the penguins. You will see the penguins are acting very strangely. Larry will tell you that we need to go closer to them to find out about their intentions.

Take a boat and go to Rellekka. Now Larry will ask you to make a clock world penguin and get into the suit to penetrate into the penguins. He will provide you a clockwork book for this. 

Enter into someone’s house with a crafting table in it. Use the steel bar, clockwork toy and clockwork penguin to make a penguin suit. 

Go to Larry in the Ardougne zoo and tell him that you crafted the penguin suit. He will take you to the iceberg again. You will see that your bird hide is destroyed by the penguins. Ask 

Larry, can we test the clock world on the penguins in the zoo? Then he will take you back to the zoo. Larry will put you in the penguin suit.

After entering the penguin’s cage, perform the actions you noted down on the iceberg. Then the penguin will welcome you to speak freely. The penguin will tell you that we need to learn flying and they will give you a mission report. Read it and move out of the cage. Larry will transform you back to a human. 

Teleport yourself to Lumbridge and enter into the sheep farm. Larry will put you in the penguin suit, talk to the strange looking sheep there. But the sheep will refuse to chat with you because you don’t know the secret phrase. 

Go to Larry to transform yourself back and then return back to the zoo. Enter the penguin’s cage again and ask the penguin about the secret phrase. Bring this penguin a raw fish and he will tell you the secret phrase. Go to the penguin in the sheep farm again, the penguin will ask you to talk to the farmer and then he will tell you about the outpost. 

Transform back to human and enter the house of Fred. Tell him to free the penguins. 

Get into the penguin suit again and enter the sheep farm. Now the penguin will give you the mission report to take it to the outpost. Ask Larry to transform you back and then go to the iceberg again. The agent penguin will not let you enter into the outpost as you don’t have the ID.  Ask the Noodle penguin for the ID, he will demand some items for a fake ID. Provide him the required items to get a KGP ID card. 

Show this card to the agent and he will tell you the way to enter the hideout. Enter the room in the hideout and give the mission reports to another agent. He will ask you to perform an agility course. Go pass through the huge doors and start the agility course. Pass through the moving rocks and stepping stones, cross the ice and slide down the hill to complete it. 

Return back to Larry, he will transform you back to a human. Tell Larry that there are many penguins in the hideout. He will reply they are preparing for a war against us. Transform to penguin and enter the hideout again. The agent will not let you pass the huge gates in the hideout. Enter the eastern room and Ping what is behind that huge locked door. He will reply to bring him Cowbell and a set of bongos. 

Exit the hideout and go back to Larry. Ask him of penguins Cowbell and a set of bongos. Use Mahogany plank on the leather to make the bongos. Take a boat to Rellekka and then go to Zanaris. Enter the dairy farm and steal the cowbell. 

Follow the same path and return back to Larry. He will transform you again into a penguin. Enter the hideout and give both the items to Pong. Then Ping and Pong start to play their instruments. The guard will come to stop them, leave the room and operate the controls to open up the locked gates.  

Go into the war room in the eastern side and kill the Ice Lord there. 

Use the chasm to go outside the hideout and move back to Larry. Tell him what you saw in the war room and that you have killed the Ice Lord. This will end your quest. 

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