OSRS Knight’s Sword – RuneScape Guide

Sir Vyvin’s ceremonial sword has been lost by the squire of Falador. Now you have to help him find a replacement, Sir Vyvin must not find out about the sword..  

Rewards for Completing the Quest: 

  • 12,725 smithing XP. 
  • 1 Quest point. 


Start a conversation with squire in the Falador castle. He will tell you that he is in great trouble as he lost Sir Vyvin’s sword. That was a traditional sword made by the Imcando Dwarves. Ask him if the Dwarves can make another sword. He will ask you to go to the palace librarian Reldo in Varrock, he may know about them.  

Let’s teleport to Varrock now, enter the castle and go into the library. Ask Reldo if he knows anything about the dwarves. He will reply that some of them are living near the cliffs on the Asgarnia southern peninsula.  

Then take the ship and go to Port Sarim, move towards the cliffs in Asgarnia and enter the house of Thurgo. He is one of the living dwarves. Give him a pie then he will start talking with you. Then ask him to make a sword for Falador’s knight. He will ask you to show the picture of the sword.  

Go to the eastern side and enter into the dungeon. Move towards the end of the dungeon and start mining the blue rocks in order to get Blurite ore. 

Teleport back to Falador, tell squire that the dwarf needs a picture of the king’s sword to make it. He will reply that you can find a picture in the cupboard Sir Vyvin roam.  

Then open up the doors in the east and climb up the ladder. Enter into the room of Sir Vyvin. Open the cupboard and take the painting. 

Return back to Thurgo and give the painting to him. He will study the painting and ask you to bring some material. Give him the Blurite ore and two iron bars and he will make a sword for you.  

Teleport back to Falador and provide the knight sword to squire. You will get rewards for completing the quest.  

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