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During the Fourth Age’s Dragonkin Conflicts, Zorgoth carried out several brutal experiments in his laboratory beneath the Dragon Fortress in Ungael. A blue dragon managed to survive his experiments and as a result became a fearsome monstrosity, the likes of which the world had never seen before. To his surprise, his master Zorgoth wasn’t impressed with his phenomenal strength stating his aggression wasn’t up to par. Being named Vorkath which means a pathetic failure in dragonkin language, he was confined to guarding the Dragon fortress as a “distraction” for invading human forces. 

The game features two variants of Vorkath with the Dragon Slayer II quest variant being significantly weaker than the post quest variant. Fights with both variants take place in instances and if you happen to die during the fight, you can reclaim your items by paying 100,000 coins to Torfinn. However, if you fail to do so then and there, you can not reclaim them if you later die elsewhere. 

After being killed, Vorkath goes back to his original dead stance and after completing the quest, you can summon him again for another fight. 

Vorkath’s Location: 

Vorkath can be found in Ungael in the following location 

Skills Required: 

It is wise to have the following skills in your bag before trying your luck with Vorkath. 

80+ Ranged  

75+ Defence  

70+ Prayer  

85+ Attack  

85+ Strength 

Combat Style: 

An undead monster, Vorkath is featured as a Slayer assignment in the game and you can use items like the Salve amulet and its variants on him. However, he is immune to the Rings of Recoil. 

Vorkath uses a wide variety of attacks including ranged, melee and magical attacks. When using ranged, he launches a spiked ball towards you that is capable of 32 damage. This attack occurs much more frequently than his magic attacks and can be blocked by Protect from Missiles. He can also use Melee if you stand too close to him. This includes swiping his wings and claws at you. Vorkath can also use magic by launching a blue projectile towards you. This however can be neutralized completely by Protect from magic. He also possesses three kinds of dragonfire including regular, prayer-disabling “pink” kind and venomous. His dragonfire is much more powerful than other dragons and you need to use extra tiers of protection like Super antifire, Anti-dragon shield, Dragonfire Shield and Dragonfire Ward to counter it.  The final common attack is a fireball he launches high in the air that must be dodged or it will deal up to 115 damage. 

In addition to these standard attacks, he can also use one of his two special attacks. These include Zombified Ice Dragonfire and Poison Pool Quickfire Barrage. The former itself does not cause any damage but it can freeze you in your place and summon a zombified spawn. This spawn renders Vorkath immune to all your attacks and must be killed to remove Vorkath’s immunity. He starts approaching you as soon as he is summoned and if you don’t manage to kill him using a Crumbled Undead Spell, he will explode upon impact with you dealing up to 60 damage. 

Vorkath can also use his poison pool attack to launch acid and a barrage of 25 dragonfires at you. This attack lets him take 50% reduced damage as long as the attack is active. Additionally, any damage taken by you heals Vorkath for the same amount. You should disable all your prayers and continuously walk on the clean ground as his barrage of dragonfires are ineffective as long as you are moving. 


Killing Vorkath yields you around 122,423 gold coins on average and killing him while being on a Konar task takes that up to around 122,586.  

Additionally, he always drops superior dragon bones and blue dragonhide in addition to occasional drops including weapons, armor, runes and fletching materials. Furthermore, you will always receive Vorkath’s head on your 50th Vorkath kill.

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