OSRS Monkey Madness – RuneScape Guide

This quest involves helping King Narnode Shareen by tracking down the missing 10th squad. The quest is set on Ape Atoll island inhabited by monkeys. 

Rewards for Completing the Quest:  

  • 3 Diamonds. 
  • 10,000 coins. 
  • 3 Quest points.  
  • You will also get 35k experience in the 2 skills of your choice and 20k experience in the other two skills you didn’t choose. 
  • Hit points. 
  • And the ability to wield the Dragon scimitar. 


King Narnode Shareen will start a conversation with you. King will tell you that the head tree guardian resigned and he appointed a new one. And he has sent a 10th squad of his royal guards to check the ship building facilities of Glough in Karamja but there is no news from them and he is really worried about that. King asks you to go there and track the squad down.  

You will go to the Gandius land full of monkeys. There you will meet a shipyard worker. Tell him that you have been sent here by the King Narnode. Show him the seal that King has given to you. After checking it, he will open up the gate.  

Then start a conversation with Gnome named G.L.O Caranock, tell him that you are on a mission to track the royal squad of the King. But he will reply that that he knows nothing about them, they may have been blown away with the heavy wind, report your King about this.  

Then you go back to the King and tell him the story that Gnome told you. KIng will give you a piece of paper with some order written on it and ask to convey these orders to the tree guardian, Daero. You will go on to meet Daero and give him the written orders paper. Daero  reads the order and tells you that the King has given you a mission to go into the southern side of Karamja and investigate whether the Caranock is right or wrong.  

Then Daero introduced you to flight commander Waydar who will join you on this mission. You start your journey with Waydar and reach the southern side of Karamja. There you will meet a person named Lumdo. Tell him that you’re here to locate the King’s royal squad and I think you are one of them. Show the King’s seal to him and then he will tell yes I am one of their members and tell you that their plane has crashed here because of the strong winds. Sergeant took other squad members with himself to explore the islands and Sergeant ordered me to stay here until they return back. 

Meanwhile, Caranock is having a discussion with the Foreman. Forman said that the workers are too tired now and they may revolt some day. Caranock replied that first we have to find the 10th royal squad.  

You move on and find Sergeant Garkor, tell him that you are here for them. But Garkor replied that he already knows that King has sent you, he told you that three guards are being captured and sent into the prison, we have to get them out. He asked you to convince some monkeys to work for us.  

Go and find the monkey talking dentures in the crates. You will see a hole underneath the crate, just enter there. You will find more crates of monkey amulet moulds, pick one up. Then you move to the underground dungeons in the island and meet Zooknock, one of the 10th squad members. Zooknock tells that he is 10th squad mage and they are really blown away here. The monkeys out there are equipped with weapons, some of our members are being captured and we are making a tunnel to reach them. Zooknock tells that you are not here just to rescue us, Garkor asked the King to send you here and I need monkey amulets to transform you so that you can communicate with monkeys. You handed him monkey amulet and monkey dentures.   

Now you can have a chat with the monkeys. Collect some bananas and go to the monkey child, request him to give you the toy. He will give you a talisman like a toy. Go to Zooknock  again and hand over the toy and monkey bones to him. Zooknock puts magical spells in the talisman and gives you back. You can become a monkey anytime with the help of magic. You get close to the monkey and he puts you in the monkey cage. You will ask one of the monkeys that you can help him to get out, just ride on my back and I will take you out. Then you transform yourself back to human and jump out of the cage.  

Now you have to transform yourself as a monkey and go to Garkor. Garkor said that he will present you as a monkey envoy who is looking for an alliance. Now you have to go to the captain of monkey guards named Kruk and tell him that you’re an envoy and seeking an alliance. Kruk takes you to Awowogei. Awowogei asks to go to the Ardougne city and bring back the captives, then we can think of an alliance. You will agree on him. Then you bring out the monkey from your backpack and say this is your captive.  

You will go to Garkor and he will tell them that they have a new plan, the teleport spell will teleport all the squad members wherever they are. Garkor gives you medallions and asks you to wear it. In this way you will also teleport with us.  

You will customize your character and teleport yourself to the jungle for the final battle against the jungle demon. Attack and kill him. 

Go back to the KIng now and give him the great news that you have completed the mission successfully and all the squad members are still alive. King will give you great rewards from his treasury.  

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