OSRS Blue Dragons Slayer – RuneScape Guide

In the Blue Dragon Slayer quest, you have to prove your worth by killing the blue dragon. 

Rewards for Completing the Quest:  

  • 5524 coins.  
  • 42,000 melee combat experience.  
  • 2 dragon heads. 


Climb down the ladder and move towards the underground jails. Kill the jailer and take the keys from him.  

Open up the jail to have a conversation with Velrak the explorer. Tell him that you are here to explore and is there any area to be explored. Velrak will reply that he was exploring these dungeons but got captured. You can have a look there. Velrak will give you a mysterious key.  

Go to the underground dungeons and start exploring it. You will find a gate and you can see the blue dragons behind it. Enter this gate with the key that Velrak has given to you. Kill the blue dragon and baby dragon to complete the quest.  

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