OSRS Horror From The Deep – RuneScape Guide

The lighthouse has mysteriously stopped working, and contact with the lighthouse keeper Jossik has been lost. The Council needs somebody to discover what has actually happened.   

Rewards for Completing the Quest:  

  • 4,662 XP in each of the ranged, magic and strength. 
  • 2 Quest points. 
  • A damaged prayer book of your choice.  
  • Access to Daggonoth cave.  
  •  Access to Jossik’s shop. 


Start a conversation with Larrissa right in front of the lighthouse. She will tell that his boyfriend was supposed to be in the lighthouse but he is not there and the door is locked from outside. Also the light is not functioning. She will ask you for help, in order to find her boyfriend and get a key from her cousin. 

Move to the east side to reach a broken bridge. Once you reach there, you have to repair the broken bridge as Larrissa told you to do so. 

Now teleport yourself to the Barbarian outpost and go to Gunnjorn. Tell him that Larrissa told you to bring a key from her cousin. Then he will give you the key. 

Take the key and go back to the lighthouse. This key will open up the gate of the lighthouse. Go on the first floor and fix up the light mechanism.  

Now move to the basement of the lighthouse and climb down the ladder, you will enter underground dungeons. Use your air earth, fire rune, arrow and sword to unlock the strange wall. You will find Jossik there, he will tell you that he is injured and trapped by a strange creatures and is really frightened, he will ask you for help. 

The strange creatures will come back soon. Now you have to attack them with the help of ranged weapons. The creature will change its color after some attacks.   

Kill the mother creature and take the Jossik back to the lighthouse. Now you can take any damaged prayer book from Jossik as a reward.  

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