OSRS X Marks the Spot Quest – Runescape Guide

X Marks the Spot is a quest of the Great Kourend quest series focusing on Veos’s’ treasure hunt in Lumbridge. In this quest, the player will go on a short treasure hunt for Veos.  

Rewards for Completing the Quest:  

  • 200 coins.  
  • 1 Quest point. 
  • An antique lamp. 
  • A beginner Clue Scroll. 


Start a conversation with Veos in his house and ask what he is doing there. He will reply that he is in the Lumbridge to discover the treasure with the help of a scroll. Veos will give you the scroll and request you to help him in finding the treasure. He will reward you for helping him.  

Move in front of Bob’s house and read the scroll. Some steps are written on the scroll, you need to follow those instructions.  

After reaching the spot, start digging and you will get another scroll. Open it and it will show you a map with the “X” marked spot.  

This “X” spot is near the Lumbridge castle. Now move toward the castle and dig the mysterious orb to get another clue. Then go to the jail and dig the land, just next to the water stream. You will find a treasure scroll there.  

According to the instructiions on this scroll you need to move toward the pig pan. Enter the pig pan and start digging. You will find a treasure box there.  

Take this treasure box to Veos who is there at the ship dock. Tell him that you have found the treasure and hand over the treasure box to him. Veos will thank you for your effort and will give you the reward as he promised.  

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