OSRS Goblin Diplomacy – RuneScape Guide

In the Goblin Diplomacy quest, you have to help the goblins to solve their dispute so the world doesn’t have to worry about the riots.  

Rewards for Completing the Quest: 

  • A gold bar.  
  • 5 Quest points. 
  • 200 crafting XP. 


Start a conversation with Wyson, the gardner and tell him that you need some woad leaves. Give him 20 coins to buy 2 woad leaves.  

Teleport yourself to the south eastern mine and collect 3 red berries from the bushes. Then move towards the onion fields and take 2 onions.  

Go to Aggie and provide her the material. She will make 3 dyes for you red, yellow and blue. 

Search the crates in the village to find out the goblin mails. Mix yellow and red dye to make an orange color. And then color one goblin mail of orange color and the other one blue.   

And then use the dyes on these goblin mails. Enter a hut and you will find two generals arguing with each other about the armour color. Ask them if you can help in selecting the armoire color, then it would be great . General Wartface will ask you to bring them the orange armor. Give them orange mail but they will not like it. 

Then give the blue one, the general will reply that we would like to have the brown armor. Bring them the regular mail. General will send his man to wear that one. And they will like the regular one. This will end your quest successfully. 

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