OSRS Romeo and Juliet – RuneScape Guide

Romeo and Juliet, quest follows the same story and both are in love but Juliet’s father doesn’t approve. Help them to find a way to get married and live happily. 

Rewards for Completing the Quest:

  • 5 Quest points.


Enter the house and go up stairs. You will find Juliet in a room, she will tell you that she really loves Romeo and she will give you a letter to deliver it to Romeo.

Teleport yourself to Varrock and you will find Romeo near the fountain. Tell him that Juliet has sent a message for you and hand over the letter to him. Romeo will open the letter and will find out that Juliet’s father is opposing their marriage. Now Romeo will ask you to go to father Lawrence. 

Enter the church in the north eastern side and tell father Lawrence that Romeo has sent you to seek your help. Romeo wants to marry Juliet but Juliet’s father is not letting it happen. Father Lawrence will reply to you to go to Apothecary to get the Cadava potion. 

Teleport yourself to Varrock and enter into the house of Apothecary. Tell him that Father Lawrence has sent you to get the Cadava potion. Apothecary will reply that he needs Cadavaberry to make the potion. Bring him the berries and he will make Cadava potion for you. 

Return back to Juliet and ask her to drink that potion in order to get escape from the house. You will feel dead after drinking it and then Romeo will take you from the crypt. 

Teleport to Varrock again and ask Romeo to take Juliet from the crypt. 

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