OSRS Pirate’s Treasure – RuneScape Guide

In the Pirate’s Treasure quest, you have to find the hidden secret pirate treasure. Redbeard Frank knows the location of pirate treasure, but he will only part with the knowledge for a bottle of Karamja rum.  

Rewards for Completing the Quest:  

  • Gold ring. 
  • 450 coins.  
  • A Cut Emerald. 


You will start a conversation with a pirate named Redbeard Frank. Tell him that you are in search of a treasure. Redbeard Frank will respond that he knows where the treasure is located but you have to give me a bottle of rum from Karamja Island. You will agree to bring him a rum bottle.  

Then move forward to a seaman. He asks you whether you want to go on a trip to Karamja island, it will take just 30 coins to reach there. You will give him 30 coins and the journey towards Karamja island starts.  

Once you reach the Karamja island you will meet a rum trader and purchase one bottle of rum from him. 

After purchasing a bottle of rum, you will go to the owner of a banana farm named Luthas and ask him to offer him some kind of job. Luthas replies, yes you can fill up the crate of bananas and I will give you 30 gold. Then you will start filling up the crate to get 30 Gold. You have to hides the rum bottle in this crate while filling.  

Then you have to go to the ship in order to get out of Karamja. But you will meet a custom officer on your way. He will ask you to search whether you are hiding something. After that he will take 30 coins from you as custom charges and will let you sail on to the ship. Once you get back, you will go straight to the grocery store where the banana crate parcel is and ask the owner for the job. The owner will accept your request job, then you will search the banana crate and get the rum bottle out of it.  

Now go back to the Redbeard Frank pirate and give him the rum bottle. He will then tell you that he worked with a pirate captain, one eye hector and when the captain got killed he found a key of treasure and escaped from there. He will give the key to and and tells that this key will help you to open the treasure located in the Blue Moon Inn Varrock. 

When you unlock the treasure box in the Blue Moon Inn, you will find a piece of paper there with a note that the treasure is located on the “X” spot in the city of White Knights. You will go straight to the city of White Knights and then to the “X” spot in the park. Start the digging there and you will find your desired treasures. 

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