OSRS The Queen of Thieves – RuneScape Guide

In The Queen of Thieves quest, the players have to infiltrate the Saviors of Kourend gang in order to find out the Queen of Thieves. 

Rewards for Completing the Quest:

  • Access to the Warrens.
  • 2,000 coins.
  • A favour certificate. 
  • 2,000 thieving XP.
  • A memoir page. 
  • 1 Quest point. 


Start a conversation with Tomas Lawry and ask if he needs any kind of help from you. Tomas will reply that he is here for the investigation of a gang of thieves and will ask you to infiltrate into the gang and find the Queen of thieves. You will agree to help him.

Cross the bridge over the ocean and enter into the house of a poor looking woman. Ask her that you are looking for Saviors of Kourend. But she will tell you nothing about them. 

Enter into the building diagonal to the woman’s house and ask Robert O’Reilly about the Saviors of Kourend. He will tell you to give stew then he will give you the information about the gang. Give him the stew and he will tell you that the home of Savior of Kourend gang is in the Warrens. 

Go down the main hole to enter into The Warrens. Go to Devan Rutter near the ent and ask “Can you join their gang?”. He will tell you to kill Conrad King if you want to join the Saviors of Kourend. 

Move out through the main hole and kill the Conrad King. 

After killing him, go into the main hole and enter the tent of the Queen of thieves. She will give you some information about their gang and then tell you that she is Lady Shauna Piscarilius. You will not believe her, then she asks you to go to Councillor Hughes’ house to find evidence.

Teleport yourself to Port Piscarilius and enter the house in the northeast corner. Open the chest in the Councillor’s room and collect a letter. 

Read the letter and return back to Tomas Lawry. Tomas will read the letter and ask you to forget the queen. And he will report to the council about this letter. 

Go back to the Queen of thieves again, she will give you the news of Councillor being arrested. This will end your quest. 

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