How to Beat Giganto In Sonic Frontiers

This guide will tell you how to beat Giganto in Sonic Frontiers. 

To start off, it is better to have around 41 attacks and defense  41 and 20 speed. Nearly 400 rings will be very helpful. If you get stuck in the fight with zero Rings, then you can reload the auto-save game. 

After that, go to Kronos Island and you have to fish. You will need your purple coins, if you don’t have a ton of those, then you have to do a little bit of exploring or wait until the meteor falls at night. You have to grind to get 263 coins by fishing up the various things. You’ll get the chests and you’ll get the golden tickets and points.

So when you actually fight them, you need to have the auto combo thing. You have to use your combos but when he goes to swing, then you need to either fly out of the way or if he tries to grab you, you have to dash to his face.

After that, run back and punch, punch. You will find see that the damage starts to add up and once he gets about halfway, he’ll get lasers off his back and he’ll start shooting lasers at you. The lasers on the back aren’t a big deal as long as you’re not going behind them. You have to do the same thing just punch him and eventually, another quick Time Event pops up. That’s how the game prevents you from spamming attacks. You need to watch out for his attacks and beat him until his HP is gone.