What Type of Business You Need to Buy First in GTA 5

This guide will let you know how to buy different businesses and what type of business you need to buy first in Grand Theft Auto 5

The first thing you will need to do is buy the Great Chaparral Clubhouse because you can buy the other business from there. When you buy the club, you need to go there and make sure not to spend any money on this club because you will only come to this club when you want to buy any business. Go inside your clubhouse office, and you will find a laptop there, as shown in the image below. 

When you are on the computer, you will find different types of businesses, so you have to tap over to the buy business tab. You need to buy the Alamo Sea clubhouse, which will cost you $ 975,000, as shown in the image below.  

If you buy the cntrft.cash factory, you will earn up to forty-eight thousand dollars per hour, and if you buy meth lab, you will earn up to fifty-one thousand dollars. If you have cocaine lockup, you can earn up to seventy-three thousand dollars per hour, and on bunker business, you will earn up to seventy-eight thousand dollars.

When you buy the cocaine business, you need to steal the supplies from other businesses and then sell them to grow your business. You need to make sure that your product bar must be less than half before selling. While you are selling, you will get a bonus for each player in the lobby.

You will also need to buy the staff upgrade, which will cost you up to three million dollars because your current profit is thirty thousand. If you buy the staff or equipment upgrade, you can earn up to forty-six thousand per hour. If you are a solo player, you don’t need any security updates because you will sell fifty percent of your product outside, as shown in the image below.

While progressing in the game, you will buy more businesses and upgrade them, then every forty-eight minutes; you will have to pay the utility charges. So if you change the session within forty-eight minutes, you don’t have to pay any charges. If you are the motorcycle club president, then your business will get raided. If you see the motorcycle business or retire from the president, your business will never get raided. 

When you have the staff upgrade and equipment upgrade, you can easily buy the supplies from the open road. It will cost you seventy-five thousand dollars. If you manually steal the stock from another source, you must wait for fifteen minutes for each robbery. It will take an hour to reach the maximum in supplies.

While selling the stock, you need to make sure to sell it far from your business like Los Santos because you will earn a good amount of money there. If you have multiplayer friends, you can fill your stick and sell it. You must have the security update because you will get raided when your product increases to seventy-five percent so you will lose a lot of money after raids. 

After the cocaine business, you need to buy the meth lab business or counter field cash business. Because the counter ft.cash will give you the profit of twenty-three thousand dollars per hour without any update, and the meth lab will give you twenty-one thousand dollars profit in an hour. If you update both of these businesses, you can get up to fifty thousand dollars per hour. If your business is not updated, you have to update them to earn more profits and open each supply. 

After these two businesses, you need to buy a bunker business; the bunker business is the most profitable business, without any upgrade. If you sell a complete product in the bunker business, you will earn seven hundred and fifteen thousand dollars on each sale. 

And your bunker business is fully upgraded; you can earn upto one million and fifty thousand dollars. In this business, you need to make sure not to exceed the stock bar more than twenty-five percent, and when it reaches twenty-five percent, you have to sell your stock.

You have to buy the Chumash Bunker because it is close to Los Santos where you sell your stock, and it will cost you one million dollars, whereas the farmhouse bunker will cost you more than two million dollars which is much more expensive than others, as shown in the image below. 

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