Wood Ranger Guide – My Heroes Sea

This brief guide will tell you the best equipment for a wood ranger build in My Hereos Sea.

First, for the weapon, the Awakened serpent is a must-have. 

At max level, this item gives you +7% normal damage and can stack up to 10 a total of 70% normal damage. 

But wait, it doesn’t stop there; you can increase the stack up to 20 stacks, so you will have a total of 140% normal attack by leaving your andromalius card to 4 stars if you get very lucky.   

You can also increase your normal damage again by using four monsters cards; it will give you a +40% normal damage to have a total of +180% normal damage. 

Moving along 


Here you can use rainbow or coke. Rainbow again gives you a total of +14% bonus damage if you have an 1800 attack mod. 


This one is perfect in the mid-game; it offers +20% damage, but your critical rate must not exceed 300. 

Next is the armor.

You have four choices: you can use a wolf tunic, old tree bark, black and white leather coat, and lastly, an apostle robe.    

Wolf tunic gives a good amount of damage and defense, but if you have a party like in a secret chamber, the more allies you have in a party, the less this armor buff gives to you. It’s really good if you’re soloing bosses. 

Apostle can give you a perfect attack modifier because it offers a +600 attack mod, but in return, it will lower your defense by -150.

Old tree bark is highly suggested if you’re lacking in mana regen. It will give you a +1 bonus mana regen cap at +5, so it’s +5 mana/s for 10 seconds is not bad, right. 

Bnwlc buffs you, giving you a + 525 attack penetration, but you have to maintain your health to 80%. 

Because most RPGs like Ragnarok mobile criticals ignore defense, the attack penetration is useless if you have a high crit rate. 

San guru Cape: 

Sanguru cape is great, but it will consume 1% of your health every 1s; the good thing is it gives you +10% bonus damage. 

Strange screen capes are helpful in early games. You have a +88% chance on gaming +8% bonus damage; the bad thing is it doesn’t stack. But it’s for the early game, so go for the san guru cape in the end game.

Rune cape is not recommended if you are not lacking in mana. You can steal four mana per hit, so the faster you attack, the more mana you steal/regen. Nothing is better than these boots for a wood ranger, and it gives +25 attack speed and +30% normal attack damage at max level. Again you can have a whopping +210% normal attack damage.


This ring will boost your wood damage and any element by 15%, but it’s a mana eater. It consumes 15 mana for 5 seconds; it’s like three mana per second. 

The bug ring has a +10% chance of inflicting a neurotoxin, in short, a poison. 

But the downside is that it’s only a 10% chance, and it does not matter because the faster you attack, the greater chance it will inflict a poison. 

Plus, the neurotoxin is a combo to your ultimate mad vines. Here is the proof if an enemy is affected by any of these three types of poison; if you hit them with mad vines, you will heal your health equal to +156% of your weapon damage plus five mana/stamina. 


You can use the morning bell or insightful eye. 

Morning bell has a +45 crit damage; prioritize it if you’re building a crit wood ranger which is the best build. But if you’re lacking critical strikes, go for the insightful eye. You can gain a +90 crit rate but lower your crit damage by -15. 

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