OSRS Fairytale II – Cure a Queen – RuneScape Guide

Fairy Nuff and the Fairy Queen have disappeared, godfather wants to take the control. Use a fairy ring to reach the hideout of the Fairy queen and then cure the queen to expose godfather. 

Rewards for Completing the Quest:

  • 3,500 herblore XP. 
  • 2 Quest points.
  • 2,500 thieving XP.
  • Access to the fairy rings network. 
  • An antique lamp. 


Go to draynor village and start a conversation with the master gardener. Tell him that you have killed the tanglefoot and brought the powers of the queen back. He will reply to you to come back after sometime to get your reward. Go back to the gardener after 5 minutes, he will tell you that his crops are not growing properly. Then he will ask you to investigate the matter. 

Start running towards Zanaris, equip the dramen staff and enter into the shed. Enter into the fairy Nuff’s clinic just next to the bank and collect the Nuff’s certificate.  

Read the certificate and take it to the Fairy chef. She will reply that she saw a sign with a similar mark near the mysterious ruins.   

Move towards the cosmic altar to check the temple sign on the wall as the chef just told you. Then go the northern side to the Fair godfather and ask him about the Fairy queen. He will tell that the kidnapper may have taken the queen to fairy rings and will ask you to have a chat with the coordinator. 

Go to the coordinator and ask her about the fairy rings. Coordinator will tell you the story of fairy rings and explain to you how to use them.

Move to the fairy ring near the wheat fields. Equip the dramen staff and use the code “AIR”  to teleport yourself to an island. 

Then use it again to return back to the original location. And then use it with code “DLR”  to teleport yourself to another island. Then teleport to the fairy queen’s hideout dungeon by using the code “AJS”. You will find Fair Nuff there. She will tell you that the godfather wants to rule instead of the fairy queen. Fairy Very Wise will ask you to pickpocket the Queen’s secateurs from the Fairy Godfather.

Use the fairy ring and move back to Zanaris. Go to the godfather and pickpocket the Queen’s secateurs. Use the fairy ring again to go into the queen’s hideout and give the Queen’s secateurs to Fairy Nuff. Then she will ask you to bring an essence potion for the queen and she will tell you how to make it. 

Use the fairy ring with the code “DIR” and kill one gorak there to get the gorak claw. Then use the fairy ring with “CKP” code and pick up the star flowers. 

Teleport back to hideout and make a magic essence potion by using the star flower with the vial of water and then use it with the claw powder. Go to Fairy Nuff and use the potion on the queen. The queen will wake up as a result. Tell her about the plans of godfather and this will end the quest. 

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