OSRS Holy Grail – RuneScape Guide

In the Holy Grail quest, the players have to help the King Arthur in finding the Holy Grail. The grail is found to be missing from its original location in Entrana. This quest will take you to a whole new world. 

Rewards for Completing the Quest:  

  • 15,300 defence XP. 
  • 11,000 prayer XP. 
  • Ability to put King Arthur pictures on the wall.  
  • Access to the fisher realm.  
  • 2 Quest points. 


Start a conversation with King Arthur and ask if he has any quest for you. King Arthur will reply that we found that Holy Grail has passed into Gielinor, now go to Gerlin he will provide you the clue for this.  

Move up the ladder to have a chat with Merlin and tell him that the King has assigned you a quest for Holy Grail. He will ask you to go to Sir Galahad, he may be able to help you out. You can find him on the western side of Mcgrubor’s wood.  

Take a ship and go to Entrana. Enter the church there and start a chat with the High Priest and tell him that you are looking for the Holy Grail. Priest will tell you that he doesn’t know that. A lady named Crone will ask you to go to six heads.  

Teleport yourself to a ranging guild, move to the west of Mcgrubor’s wood and enter the house of Sir Galahad. Tell him you are here for an item from the realm of the Fisher King. Galahad will give you a small piece of cloth.  

Move to draynor manor, go to the upper floor and enter the room. There you will find two magic whistles, collect them up. Now go to the river bank and take a chartered ship to Brimhaven. You need to pay 1600 coins to get the chartered ship.  

Move towards the northwestern side of Brimhaven. You will find four pillars there, blow your whistle and you will be teleported to fisherwell. Kill a black knight titan there and start a conversation with the fisherman. Tell him that you want to enter the castle. He will ask you to ring a bell just outside the castle.  

Run towards the castle and ring the bell, this will give you entry into the castle. Climb up the stairs and talk to Fisher King. He will tell you that his son is not here and he is still waiting for him. His name is Percival and he might be a knight of the round table. Tell him that you can help to find his son.  

Teleport back to King Arthur now and ask him if they have a knight named Percival. He will reply yes we have but he went on a quest and never got back yet. We have golden feathers that may take you to the location of the Percivak’s quest. The King will give you feathers. Go to the Goblin village now. 

Enter the building south east of the Goblin generals. You will find some sacks there, open up the sack and Percival will come out. Give one of your whistles to Sir Percival. 

Return to the fisher realm and then to the castle. Go into the castle and open the south eastern door, keep moving and climb the ladder. You will find Holy Grail there, pick that up and then teleport to Camelot.  

Go back to King Arthur and give him the Holy Grail. This will finish your quest and you will get rewards for that.  

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