OSRS Death Plateau – RuneScape Guide

The Imperial guard needs your help as they are taking heavy losses from the trolls. Trolls have camped on Death Plateau and they are using this base to launch attacks on the principality of Burthorpe.  

Rewards for Completing the Quest: 

  • 3,000 attack XP.  
  • Steel claws.  
  • Ability to make claws.  
  • 1 Quest point. 


Start a conversation with Denulth in Burthorpe, ask him if he has any quest for you. He will tell you that trolls have camped on the Death Plateau and they are attacking us. Help us to find another way to the Death Plateau and find out the lock combination that the Imperial guard has lost. 

Move into the castle, climb up the stairs and you will find Eohric there. Ask him for the guard that was on duty last night. He will reply that the guard is in the Toad and chicken Inn.  

Exit the castle and go into the Inn, then climb up the stairs and enter the room. Tell Harold that Denulth said that you have lost the lock combination to the equipment room. He will not tell you anything. 

Teleport back to Eohric, tell him Harold refused to give any kind of information. He will reply to you to offer a drink to Harold, then he will tell you everything. 

Pick up the beer glass from the table and give the drink to Harold. Then he will demand a special blueberry drink. Give him the drink again. Then ask him to play a gamble game, Harold will lose the game and give you some coins and IOU scribbled on paper. Read the IOU.  

Enter the castle and pick up the stone balls near the western wall. Place the stone balls on the platform according to the IOU. This will unlock the equipment room.  

Move out of the castle, start running towards the west side and enter into the cave. You will find a man named Saba there. Ask him for another route to Death Plateau. He will tell you to find the Sherpa.  

Now you need to go to Tenzing who is there in the Hut.  Ask him about the path to the Death plateau. He will reply to you to first bring him 10 cooked trout and 10 bread and also fix his climbing boots at the blacksmith, Dunstan.  

Now teleport yourself back to Burthorpe and go to the blacksmith located in the eastern side. Ask him to repair the boots of Tenzing but he will refuse to do so as Tenzing didn’t pay him the last time. Pay the amount on Tenzing’s behalf and he will fix the boots and will ask you to help his son in joining the army. 

Go to Burthorpe again and ask Denulth to sign up the son of a blacksmith into the army. He will provide you a certificate, take that certificate back to the blacksmith and give it to him. Then he will need an iron bar to add the spikes on boots, give the irons bars and the boots will be fixed.  

Go to the bank and get trouth and bread. 

Head back to Tenzing and give him all the required items. He will then give you a piece of paper with the secret path to the Death plateau. Exit his house and start moving north. When you reach near the Death plateau, teleport back to Denulth and give him the map with a secret path. You have successfully completed the quest.  

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