OSRS Lunar Diplomacy – RuneScape Guide

Lunar Diplomacy is a quest that focuses on the fight between the Fremennik and the Moon Clan. You have to settle their dispute and bring peace between them.  Complete this quest and get access to Lunar Isle and a new spell book.   

Rewards for Completing the Quest:  

  • 5,000 magic XP. 
  • 5,000 rune crafting XP. 
  • Access to the Astral altar.  
  • Access to Lunar spellbook.  
  • 2 Quest points.  
  • 50 Astral runes. 


Go to the western deck of Rellekka and talk to Lokar searunner. He will share his life experience as a Fremennik. Then go to the largest building of Rellekka and get a seal of passage from Brundt Chieftain.  

Go back to Lokar Searunner and he will take you to the Pirates Cove. Climb up the ladder and go on to the boat. Tell Captain Bentley that Lokar said that you can take him to the island of the Moon clan. He will agree to take you there.  

Now they will try to sail the ship towards the island but the ship moves around in circle then stops. Captain Bentley will ask you to go to Jack and investigate the matter. Enter the room, climb down the ladder and ask Jack why the shop moved in a circle and then stopped. He will reply that this is not his problem, he took the course and that is what  he was supposed to do.  

Go back to the captain and tell him that navigator Jack took the wrong course. He will tell you that he will check the course later but this course is perfectly fine. Go to the navigator again and tell him that it is your fault our ship didn’t reach the desired location. He will reply that this may have happened because of jinx.  

Now move to the eagle eye Shultz and ask him about the jinx. He will reply that you have to find the offending people and then take the ship to the island.  

Go to the lowest deck and have a chat with Beefy Burns, ask him about the feasts. Move to the top deck of the ship.  

Go back to the main deck to have a chat with first mate Devey boy, ask him what he was doing at the feast on Lunar Isle. Then move to the top deck, ask the cabin boy whether he is the spy of Moon clan. He will confess it. A girl asked him to do some kind of magic jinx and you can see the symbols with a special lantern and lens. He will provide both of these to you.     

Light up the lantern and find the five symbols. Once you find them, rub them away. Then go back to the captain and tell him we can now sail the ship to the island. The captain will take the ship quickly to the island of Moon clan.  

Move towards the Lunar town and tell the lady named Oneiromancer that you are here for the settlement between you and Fremennik. She will reply that if you can learn magic like us, then we may end this long fight. She will ask you to perform rituals but you need a waking sleep potion, lunar staff, cermominial travel clothes for this. 

Move to the city and enter in the house of Baba Yaga, she will teach you, how to make the waking sleep potion and will give you an empty vial. Go back to the town and gather the ingredients, kill two monsters to get the tooth. Make the potion and go back to Oneiromancer, give the potion to her.  

Then she will ask you to make Lunar staff. Use the dramen staff on the air, fire, water and earth altar. After using them they will turn into Lunar staff, bring them to Oneiromancer.  

Now you have to get ceremonial clothes. Go to Meteora at the south of the village, bring the tiara to her to trade an amulet.  

Move to Selena and ask her about the ring. She will ask you to go to the south and start digging in the patch of blue flowers, you will get a ring. 

Go to Pauline Polaris and tell her that you’re here for a cape. She will ask you to guess her name first and then will give you the cape.   

Enter into the clothing shop of Rimae, ask her that you want ceremonial clothes. She will tell you to bring the hides of squash monsters to make it. Trade the items and make ceremonial lunar clothes.  

Move north, climb down the ladder in the mine. Start digging the stalagmite to find the lunar ore. Teleport to Rellekka city and enter the building in the south west. Use the lunar ore and make a bar. And then use this bar on an anvil to make the helm. Return back to the Lunar island and show the Lunar clothes to Oneiromancer. She will give extra kindling. 

Wear up the lunar clothes and enter the biggest building in the town. Light up the brazier in the building. 

You will enter the dream world, talk to the Ethereal Man there. He will tell you about the life book and ask you to take some tests. Move to the eastern side and step on the pad. It will launch you to the first test. You have to race with the Ethereal expert. Go pass the hurdles carefully and beat him in the race.  

After this you will be teleported to Ethereal Man, tell him what you learned from this race. Step on the other platform and you will go to the numerator. He will provide you a number sequence and ask to guest the next numbers in sequence. Complete the number sequence and it will take you back to the main cloud.  

Step on the pad and teleport yourself to Ethereal mimic, follow his steps to complete the test successfully. Go back and step on the yellow platform. Ethereal Fluke will give you a number and ask you to roll the dice and make that same number. This is a very simple test, just roll up all the dice to get the required number. 

Step on the next pad and you will be teleported to the Ethereal guide. He will ask you to go on to the other side, jump on the small platforms to get to the opposite side. This will complete another test. Step on the blue platform and you will enter the wood cutting test. Cut down the dream trees. Get the strange log and deposit it at the centre of the cloud. You will finish the test successfully.  

Move back to the Ethereal man and tell him what this test has taught you. He will teleport you to the final test, you will meet Me there. Just attack and kill him. Then Ethereal man will ask you to read the life book and get out of this dream world.  

This will take you back to Lunar island. Go to Oneiromancer. Tell her that you have completed all the tests and the things you have learnt from those tests. This will end your quest and you will get rewards for that.

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