OSRS Recruitment Drive – RuneScape Guide

In the Recruitment Drive quest, Sir Tiffy Cashien recruits you for the Temple Knights. However, the recruitment process involves several puzzles to test your wits.  

Rewards for Completing the Quest:  

  • 1,000 agility XP. 
  • 1,000 prayer XP.  
  • 1,000 Herblore XP. 
  • 1 Quest point.  
  • The gaze of Saradomin.  
  • Access to the initiated armor.  


Move up the stairs in the Falador castle and start a conversation with Sir Amik Varze. Ask him if he has any quest for you. He will reply that I already put forward your name for the black Knight member. Go to Sir Tiffy and have a chat about that.   

Go to the Falador park and tell Sir Tiffy that Sir Amik sent you. He will tell you that they are seeking some young blood for their organisation. There will be some testing puzzles for you to solve in order to become a member of the organisation.  

Sir Tiffy will take you to Sir Ren Itchood. He will tell you that the puzzle answer is there in the words he speaks. Just focus on the wordings of Sir Ren Itchood and enter the answer in the door. This will unlock the door.  

Pass through this door. Take a chicken and cross the bridge, go back and take a wolf to and cross the bridge again. Take chicken back across the bridge. Take grain and cross the bridge. Go back, take the chicken and again cross the bridge. This will complete the second puzzle.  

Go through the gate, search the book shelves and take everything you find. And then search the crates and collect a tin. Take a metal spade and use it on the bunsen burner. Then use the spade on the door, use sulphate, vial of liquid, pull the spade and open the door. Now use liquid and gypsum on the cake tin. Then go to the left corner, use the cake tin on the key there. Go to the burner, use cupric powder and tin powder on the tin. Then use the tin on a bunsen burner. Use a knife on the tin and you will get a key. Use this key to unlock the second door. This will complete another test.  

Enter the opened gate. Defeat Sir Leye to complete the new puzzle. KIll him and pass through the door.  

Remember the weapons of the colored statue which are three in number. The Lady Table will switch off the light and bring one more statue and will ask you to touch the statue she just added. Once you do this, the puzzle will be completed.  

Go back to Sir Tiffy. He will welcome you in his organisation and you will get some rewards on completing the quest successfully.  

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