OSRS Dragon Slayer – RuneScape Guide

In the Dragon Slayer quest, you have to prove your worth by killing the Elvarg dragon of Crandor Island. On completion, the players will gain the ability to equip the rune platebody.  

Rewards for Completing the Quest:  

  • Ability to equip rune platebody, dragon platebody.  
  • 18,650 defense experience. 
  • 18,650 strength experience. 
  • 2 Quest points.  
  • Access to Crandor 


Enter the guild of champions and ask the guild master for a quest. He will respond that you have to go to Oziach, he will assign you the quest and on completing the quest you will be able to wear the legendary rune platebody. He lives on a cliff on the west of Edgeville. 

Teleport yourself to Edgeville and enter into the house of Oziach and tell him that the Guild master asked you to get runeplate from Oziach. He will deny to give it to you , then tell him that you are here for a quest. Oziach will respond that he can give you that if you can kill the dragon of Crandor.   

Now go back to the guildmaster and tell him Oziach gave you a quest to kill the dragon of Crandor. The Guildmaster will tell you that long ago one of the adventurers of Crandor fell into the volcano and awakened the dragon Elvarg. Ask him how to reach Crandor. He will tell you that three pieces of map belong to three survivors of Crandor. You will find Melzar’s piece in a castle near Crandorian refugee camp, Thalzar took the map piece in his grave and you may find Lozar’s piece from Goblin village. The guildmaster will give you a key.  

Move to the Crandorian refugee camp up on a hill and ask Oracle that you are in a search of Crandor maps. He will reply that you may find a map behind the door below. 

Go down the hill and look for that door. Open the door and you will find a box of chest. Open it to collect the piece of map.  

Move to port Sarim to buy a ship. You will meet Klarence there who is selling his ships. He will tell you that his ship need some work to float freely on to the water. It will charge just 200 gold. Give him the required amount of gold and get yourself a ship.  

Now go to the cell of Wormbrain and tell him that you want the piece of map. Wormbrain will demand 10,000 coins for the piece of map. Give him the coins to buy the piece of map. Wormbrain will become happy and will thank you for the coins. 

Move to Melzar’s Maze and kill the zombie rat, ghost and skeleton to collect the keys. These keys will help you to unlock the doors in the maze. Open up the doors and move to Lesser demon in order to kill him and take one more key. With the help of this key you will be able to unlock a door to the chest. Collect the map piece and join it with the other two pieces. This map will show you the way to Crandor.  

Go to the house of Ned and ask him to sail the ship away to Crandor and you have fixed up the ship. Ned will agree to take you to Crandor. Hand over the map to him. Go back to port Sarim again and start your journey with Ned.  

As you reach closer to Crandor, the weather will get severe. The dragon will attack your ship and it will crash and you will find yourself on a beach. This land is full of deadly monsters, find a way to the underground dungeons. You will find Dragon Elvarg there. Kill the dragon and take his head with you.  

Teleport yourself back to Oziach and show him the head of the dragon you just killed. He will give you the desired rewards for this.  

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