OSRS Crafting – Runescape Guide

Crafting is a skill that allows you to gather or buy raw materials and use an activator like a chisel, a spinning wheel or a needle to convert them into items such as armor, jewelry and pottery among others. You can then use these items personally or trade them for gold coins.  

Crafting Skill is available to both Free to Play and Pay to Play members. Acquiring this skill is important for a variety of reasons. There are a number of quests in OSRS that require you to have crafting experience before you can attempt them. You also need crafting to make slayer rings. Additionally, crafting is very important for ironmen as it unlocks weapons, armor and jewelry. Crafting can be a time consuming skill and you can use your own money to speed things up. However, if you choose to do it at a slower pace, you can end up making decent money by trading your crafted items. 

If you are not able to make something or need a hand to get to your next unlock, you can use a Crafting Boost to boost your crafting by four levels. As of now, the most reliable crafting boost in the game is Mushroom Pie. 

Once you get to Level 40 Crafting, you can enter the Crafting guild located south-west of Falador. It provides a state of the art crafting workshop for advanced crafters. 

This guide includes three methods to train your crafting skills. The first method is focused on levelling up as fast as possible and may be a little costly for some players. The second method take things slow and focuses on completing the training using the most profitable way possible. The third method is only good for certain high level items like unpowered orbs and most players will be better served with the first two methods. 

Method 1: 


You can skip a lot of earlier training by completing different quests which generously reward crafting experience. Additionally, leveling up is noticeably quicker with quests as compared to other training methods especially during the starting levels.  

Levels 1–28:  

The fastest way to get from Level one to Level 28 is by crafting the highest level leather item possible. In addition to a single piece of leather for each item, you are going to need a needle and some thread. From Level 1 through 7, you can craft Leather Gloves. Then from 7-9 you can switch to Leather boots. From 9-11, you can craft Leather Cowl and then move to Leather vambraces for Level 11-14. You can craft Leather body till level 18 before finally switching to Leather Chaps till Level 28.  

The leather currently costs 143 coins and you are going to need a total of 450 leather costing around 64,300 coins. Additionally, you should need no more than 90 threads in order to get to Level 28. 

Level 28-54: 

The fastest way to get from Level 28 to Level 54 is by cutting gems. It is a good idea to stick to cutting rubies or at most diamonds because cutting dragonstones can be quite expensive. The quickest you can cut gems is one gem per 2 ticks and a maximum of 27 gems can be cut per inventory in about 32.4 seconds or 54 ticks. 

Level 54-77: 

A great way to progress from Level 54-63 is by crafting battlestaves. Only the water battlestaves are available at level 54 and if you find them expensive, you can keep cutting gems until Level 58 where you can have Earth Battlestaves. A great benefit with battlestaves is that you can use high level alchemy on them and not only does that significantly reduces costs, it also gives you magic experience. A total of 14 battlestaves can be made per inventory taking about 16.8 seconds or 28 ticks. 

Level 77-99: 

Although you can start crafting the green d’hide bodies at 63 and the blue ones at level 71, Crafting d’hide bodies becomes significantly faster at Level 77 and even more so at Level 84. Green and Blue d’hide bodies reward you the same experience as the fire and air battlestaves respectively and it is a good idea to steer clear of the Black ones as they are fairly costly.  

Up to 8 D’hide bodies can be crafted per inventory at the rate of one per 3 ticks and each inventory takes about 14.4 seconds or 24 ticks. 

Method 2: 

Levels 7-43 

Once you get to Level 7, a good idea is to start making gold bracelets. A gold bracelet only requires a gold bar and a bracelet mould and you can use the furnace located just east of the bank in Edgeville. Once crafted, you can make money by selling the bracelets for profit. 

Another option is creating Clockworks in your Player Owned House (POH). These clockworks are high demand items owing to their role in Birdhouses and you only need one steel bar for each clockwork. 

Levels 43-99 

When you get to Level 43, you should switch to crafting drift nets. The jute fibres required for these nets can be obtained by farming jute seeds at hops patches. Drift nets award 55 experience points for every couple of Jute fibres used. 

Method 3: 

Level 1-61: 

You can blow molten glass with a glassblowing pipe to score a good deal on some high value items like unpowered orbs. This method is not recommended for regular accounts as it offers considerably low experience rates and most low value items are too costly to make sense. Glass items can be made 27 per inventory at the rate of one per three ticks and each inventory takes around 48.6 or 81 ticks. 

Level 61-83: 

At level 61, you can complete the Lunar diplomacy and cast Superglass Make with the Lunar spellbook. Superglass Make can be used to convert an inventory of bucket of sand with soda ash, swamp weed, seaweed or giant seaweed into molten glass. Not only do you get magic and crafting experience, you can also sell the molten glass for profit. 

Level 83-99: 

You can gain a lot of experience by cutting amethyst into ranging material using a chisel. This is a fairly time consuming method but the cheaper costs justify attempting it. 

Free to Play Crafting Training: 

There are three extremely rewarding quests that you can complete to get some crafting experience. These include 

  • Sheep Shearer  
  • Goblin Diplomacy 
  • Misthalin Mystery 

Sheep Shearer provides 150 Exp, Goblin Diplomacy provides 200 Exp and Misthalin Mystery being the most rewarding provides 600 Exp. 

Additionally, you can craft leather items until level 5 and then switch to gold bracelets till level 20. You can then complete training by cutting gems all the way till level 99.

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