OSRS Heroes’ Quest – RuneScape Guide

In the Heroes’ Quest, players need to prove that they are worthy enough to enter the Heroes’ Guild. For this, you have to obtain a number of items. There are many challenges standing between you and these items. 

Rewards for Completing the Quest:  

  • Access to the Heroes’ Guild. 
  • 1 Quest point.  
  • 29,232 XP points divided between twelve different skills. . 


Start a conversation with Achietties, tell her that you are a hero and really want to be a part of  Heroes’ Guild. She will reply that you need to fulfill the entry requirements by collecting the required special items.  

Move up the hill and climb down the ladder. There will be some ice warriors down there along with the ice Queen. Attack the ice Queen and kill her .And get the ice gloves. This is the first required item.  

Teleport yourself out and go to the store of Gerrant and ask him that you are here to catch a Lava eel. Gerrant will tell you that you need a fishing rod covered with Blamish oil to capture the Lava eel fish. Buy the fishing rod and blamish oil from him and rub the oil on to the rod.  

Take the ship and go to Entrana, you will see an Entrana firebird there. Kill the bird and collect its remnants. Go to the underground dungeons and try to capture the lava eel from the lava with the help of a fishing rod. Lava eel is the second item that you collected. 

And then move to the gang leader Katrine and tell her that you want to get the rank of Master Thief. She will reply that you need Peet’s candlestick to get the rank. Get a ship and go to Brimhaven.  

Go to the house of Grubor and tell him that you are here to get the Peet’s candlestick. He will reply that the only key to Pete’s treasure is owned by the head guard of the mansion. He will give you ID papers so that you can introduce yourself to the guards and enter the mansion. Take the papers and move out.  

Go to Pete’s mansion and show your ID papers to the guard. Tell him that you are here for a job. He will let you enter the mansion. There will be a guard named grip, he will give you a key and assign the duty to discover what this key is made for. He was not able to open to any lock with this key. Now move out of the mansion and give this key to your partner.  

Enter the building on the right side of the mansion. Talk to Charlie, the chef and tell him that you are here for the Peet’s candlestick. He will give you access to the secret wall in his kitchen. Get through the wall and enter the mansion and kill the guard Grip and then move back to the kitchen. 

Enter the treasure room, search the chest boxes and collect the Peet’s candlestick. Go back to Katrine and give her the Peet’s candlestick. She will give you a master thief armband. Teleport yourself back to the heroes’ guild and tell Achietties that you have gathered all the required items. She will give you the heroes’ guild membership.  

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