OSRS Lost City – RuneScape Guide

In the lost city quest, you have to yield the Dramen staff to enter into the magical city Zanaris. Completing this quest will give you access to the Zanaris city.  

Rewards for Completing the Quest:  

  • Ability to make cosmic runes. 
  • Ability to buy and wield dragon longswords and daggers.  
  • Access to Zanaris.  
  • 3 Quest points.  


Start a conversation with Warrior and ask him what he is doing here. Warrior will reply that he is in the search of a magical city called Zanaris. Ask him whether he knows the way to Zanaris. He will reply that first we need to find the leprechaun.  

Chop the tree and you will find leprechaun Shamus. Tell him that you want to find Zanaris. Shamus will reply that you need Dramenwood staff to get into the Zanaris city and you may find Dramen staff on the Dramen tree in the island of Entrana.  

Now you have to go to Port Sarim and take a boat to reach the island of Entrana. After reaching there, start running west towards the dungeon, go down through the ladder into the dungeon. Kill two zombies to get a bronze axe.  

Then move south and find out the Dramen tree. As you try to chop the tree down, a tree spirit will appear. Kill the spirit and then chop the branches of the Dramen tree. Make Dramen staff by using your knife on the branches.  

Teleport yourself back to Lumbridge and enter into the building near the swamp. Wield the Dramen staff and you will go into the Zanaris city.  

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