OSRS Regicide – RuneScape Guide

Regicide is a quest in which the King Lathas has employed you to travel through the Underground Pass in order to kill his brother King Tyras and end his Kingdom.  

Rewards for Completing the Quest:  

  • 15,000 coins. 
  • 3 Quest points. 
  • 13,750 agility experience. 
  • Access to the elven Kingdom of Tirannwn. 
  • Quick route to Isafdar.  


Go to King Lathas at the start of the quest. King will tell you that it’s the right time to turn the tables by going against his brother King Tyras. They are located in the southern side of their city, now you have to reach them.  

Move to the underground dungeons. Break the rope of a wood pull to cross the water stream and go on to the other side, collect a plank and then find the well in these underground dungeons. Climb down the well.  

Go west and you will enter the land of Tirannwn. You will meet Morvran there, he will tell you that we know that King has sent you here. He will ask you to go to Lord Iorwerth. He will help you to find Tyras. You will find Lord near the Elves camp. He offers full support and gives you the crystal pendant. Take this to the Elf tracker and tell him you are here to kill Tyras. He will ask you to follow the footprints.  

You will reach the Tyras camp. Start conversation with General Hining, ask him that you want to meet the king. He will reply that you can see the King in his next battle. Take a pot and 2 barrels from the camp and go back. 

Get back to the Lord and take one sulphur on your way. Tell him you have traced the Tyras camp. He will give you a book with the plans to kill Tyrus. The plan is to mix up the gases and oil to make a deadly explosive.  

Now go to the bank to gather all the required material and then move to the house of the chemist. Show him the book and tell about your quest. He wants the coal to be fractioned into naphtha and the chemist will make a barrel bomb for you.  

Fractionze still is located just next to the house of the chemist. Put the coal tar in it and fractionize it to naphtha.  

Go to underground paths to get the damp clothes and climb down the well again. Kill a rabbit and cook it for the Tyras guard.  

Place the barrel bomb on the vehicle while the guard is busy eating the rabbit. Throw the bomb on to the Tyras camp. The camp will be destroyed completely as a result. 

Go back to the Lord now and tell him you just killed the King Tyras. He will write a letter as a proof to the king. Get back to the King Lathas and get your rewards.  

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