OSRS Hazeel Cult – RuneScape Guide

In this quest, you have to discover the truth behind the Carnillean family fortune. Decide whether you want to help the Carnilleans in retrieving their stolen goods or join the Hazeel cult members in their mission to resurrect the infamous Lord Hazeel. 

Rewards for Completing the Quest: 

  • 2,000 coins. 
  • 1 Quest point. 
  • 1,500 thieving XP.
  • Mark of Hazeel only if you join them.


Enter the mansion and start a conversation with Ceril Carnillean. He will tell you that a cult from the forest has broken into his house and stole his armour. He will ask you to help in getting his armour back. You will agree to help him. He will tell you about the suspected location of the cults. 

Move out of the castle and look for the cave entrance. You will find Clivet under the cave, tell him that you know that there are cults hiding in this dungeon. He will reply that Ceril Carnillean is lying to you and the Carnillean mansion was built by the Lord Hazeel and will tell you more about their history. Then he will ask you to help in restoring Hazeel. 

Now you have to make a decision whether to help Ceril Carnillean or Clivet.

If you choose to help Clivet,then he will ask you to kill Carnillean by mixing the poison in the food of Carnillean. He will give you a bottle of poison. 

Exit the cave and go back to the mansion. Enter the dining room and climb down the ladder. Add the poison in the soup. 

On reaching the main floor of the mansion, the Carnillean lady will tell you that her dog is being killed. 

Go back to Clivet and tell him one Carnillean is down. He will give you a hazeel’s amulet. Wear this Hazeel’s amulet and move out of the cave. 

Return to Clivet again and then go through the underground dungeon until you reach Alomone. He will ask you to find out the hidden ancient papers underneath the mansion.

Exit the cave and enter the mansion. You will see some crates in the kitchen, search them to find a key. Then move up to the top floor and open the chest box with the help of this key. And you will find a scroll of Hazeel.

Talk to Buttler and tell him that you have recovered the Hazeel scroll. Then move back to Alomone and hand over the scroll to him. He will perform some rituals and Hazeel will be restored as a result. This will end your quest. 

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