OSRS Sea Slug – RuneScape Guide

In the Sea Slug quest, the player has to investigate why the fishermen are missing, what’s the reason behind that. Is there any strange kind of creature at the fishing platform?   

Rewards for Completing the Quest:  

  • Access to the fishing platform. 
  • 7,175 fishing XP. 
  • 1 Quest points. 
  • Oyster pearls. 


Start a conversation with Caroline in the east Ardougne. She will tell that her husband and son went to the fishing platform but there is no news from them for a week now. She will ask you to go there and investigate the matter. Her friend Holgart will take you to the fishing platform on his boat. 

Once you reach the fishing platform, start running towards the south western corner and enter a hut. Ask Bailey what happened to a boy named Kennith. He will reply that the boy is being frightened by the sea slugs and may be hiding somewhere.  

Move outside the hut, find the ladder and climb up. Enter the hut and you will find Kennith there. He will tell you that they were attacked by one of the fishermen and my daddy told me to hide here. Go and find my daddy. 

Go back to Holgart and tell him Kennith’s father is missing somewhere. He will tell you to have a look around. Take the boat and move to a small island. You will find Kent there, tell him your wife has sent you to find him. He will reply that we caught many sea slugs by mistake and then the fishermen started misbehaving.  

Move back to Bailey on the fishing platform. Tell him that you want to take Kennith out of this platform. He will reply that the slugs are afraid of the heat and he will give you a torch. Collect the broken glass and damp sticks. Use them together to light up the torch. Move up the ladder and ask Kennith to get out of the boat. But he will deny going as he is scared of the slugs. Go out and kick the broken wall. Then ask Kennth to move with you and he will scrabble through the broken wall.  

Go back to Holgart and take the boat back to the main island. Caroline will give you oyster pearls as a reward. You have completed this quest successfully. 

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