OSRS Tower of Life – RuneScape Guide

Tower of Life is a quest in which a group of alchemists attempt to create a living being. 

Rewards for Completing the Quest: 

  • 1,000 construction XP. 
  • 500 crafting XP. 
  • 500 thieving XP.  
  • Access to the creature creation.  
  • 2 Quest points.  


Talk to Effigy at the tower of life and tell him that it seems like the construction of the tower is not being completed yet. He will reply to you to go to the head builder Bonafido and ask him to resume the building again. Try to convince them if you can.  

Move towards the north of the tower and tell Bonafido that Effigy just told you that you are the head builder here but you’ve stopped working for some reason. Ask him to allow you to go inside the building. He will reply that only builders can enter in it, get the costume of the builder to enter it.  

Go to the workers one by one to get the clothes. After getting the clothes go back to Bonafido. 

Answer his questions and he will let you enter into the tower of life. Enter the building and search a crate near the wall. You will find four valve wheels in it. Move to the opposite side, search for crates to find out 3 metals sheets and 4 coloured balls.  

Go upstairs and repair the pressure machine and fix up the pipe holes with the help of the items that you just gathered.  

Go back downstairs and search the crates near the southern wall, you will find 5 metal bars and 4 binding fluids. Then search the crate in the eastern side to collect 6 rivets, 5 pipe rings and 4 pipes. Then climb up the stairs and fix the pipe machine by joining the pipes correctly.  

Move up the ladder and repair the damaged cage with the help of 5 metal bars and 4 binding fluids. 

Now exit the building and return back to Effigy, tell him that you fixed all the machines. He will ask you to meet him on the top floor of the tower. Once you reach the top floor, they will summon a giant creature in the cage.  

Go back downstairs again to Effigy. He will ask you to resist against the giant beast. Go back to the top floor of the building and start a chat with giant creature Homunculus. He will tell you that the alchemist created him and now trapped him for an experiment. He will then ask you some questions. Provide him the correct answers by selecting the options accordingly to magic or logical questions.   

After giving the answers, go back to Effigy, and talk to him. Homunculus will appear suddenly and Effigy will get scared. Then the beast will ask you to meet him in the basement of the tower.  

Go into the tower and climb down the stairs. You will enter in the underground dungeons. Homunculus will tell you that they created him with the essence of Guthix power. Now you have finished this quest successfully.  

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