OSRS Fishing Contest – Runescape Guide

In the fishing contest quest, the players will be asked by a dwarf to take part in the fishing competition in Hemenster in order to win the trophy. Then you will be able to access the path to White Wolf Mountain under the mountain Dwarves’ home. 

Rewards for Completing the Quest: 

  • 2,437 fishing XP. 
  • Access to the underground white wolf mountain passage. 
  • Ability to catch minnows in the fishing guild. 
  • 1 Quest point. 


Start a conversation with Vestri and ask him if he wants to go down stairs to have a look. He will reply that you can’t go there as this is the home of mountain dwarves, only the trusty ones are allowed to go there. He will tell you that you need to win the Hemenster fishing competition, then you will be able to go down there.  

Move northern west and follow the train track. Squeeze through the loose railing and collect the dwellberries on your way. Use your spade on the vine to get the red vine worms.    

Head towards Hemenster and enter into the fishing competition by showing the pass to Morris. Use your garlic in the wall pipes located on the north side and pay 5 coins to Bonzo to register yourself into the competition.  

Go north. Start fishing with the help of a fishing rod and you will catch some fishes.  

Return back to Bonzo and he will declare you the winner once the competition is over. You will get a trophy as a reward. Take that trophy to the house of Vestri. Hand over the trophy to him and this will end your quest.  

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