OSRS Enlightened Journey – RuneScape Guide

In the Enlightened Journey quest, the players have to help the Entrana monk Auguste to set up a hot air balloon transportation system. 

Rewards for Completing the Quest:

  • Ability to make origami balloons. 
  • 4,000 fire making XP.
  • 1,500 wood cutting XP.
  • The bomber jacket and cap. 
  • 2,000 crafting XP.
  • 3,000 farming XP.
  • 1 Quest point. 
  • Access to the balloon transport system.


Go to Auguste near the herblore shop. He will tell you that he wants to become the first balloonist of the area. He will ask you to help him in making the air balloon and to bring a papyrus, an unlit candle, ball of wool and a sack of 10 potatoes.

Bring him the required material and he will teach you how to make a balloon. Follow his instructions to make a balloon. Once you make it, Auguste will test the balloon. 

Auguste will make another balloon but when he airs the balloon, a group of non playing characters will come to destroy it. Auguste will tell us that now we are going to make a big balloon that can carry us from this island. Bring 8 bags of sand, 10 silk, red dye, yellow dye, a bowl. He will give you his sapling and an apple basket. Move towards the sand pit and fill 8 bags with sand. 

Give all the items except silk to Auguste and teleport yourself to Falador. Enter into the bank to get yourself the silk and willow branches. 

Take ship and head back to Entrana. Give the silk to Auguste, he will tell you to make the basket. Use the willow branches on the basket to make it. Meanwhile Auguste will make the big balloon himself. 

Teleport to Falador again to get the logs from the bank. Take the ship and go back to Entrana. Bring the logs to Auguste and fly the air balloon by dropping the sandbags and burning up the wood logs. 

Control the flight of balloons and take it to another island. After reaching there, Auguste will thank you for the help. And this will end your quest. 

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