OSRS Client of Kourend – RuneScape Guide

The mysterious Veos has a client that is interested in the Continent of Zeah. He needs your help in acquiring some information about this client. 

Rewards for Completing the Quest:

  • Kharedst’s memoirs. 
  • 2 antique lamps.
  • 1 Quest point. 
  • Kourend favor certificate. 


Start talking to Veos, ask him if he has any quest for you. Veos will tell you that he has a client who is really interested in the Kourend. Veos will give you a scroll and ask you to just touch the feather onto the scroll.

Use the feather on scroll to create an enchanted quill and enter into the general store. Ask Leenz about the Port Piscarilius. Note down everything that she tells you about Port Piscarilius using the quill. 

Now move towards the Arceuus general store and ask Regath to give some information about their city. Note all the information about the Arceuus city. 

Now you have to go to the Lovakenj general store and ask Munty about the Lovakenj city. Again note down all the information about the city with the help of quill. 

Then enter into the Shayzien House and note down the information that Jennifer told with quill. 

Now head yourself towards the Hosidius general store and gather all the information about the city from Horace. 

Return back to Veos and tell him that you have gathered all the information about five cities. He will take the quill and scrolls back from you. Veos will tell that his client is very satisfied with this information. Then he will give you a mysterious orb and tell you to activate it next to the Dark Altar. Now go to the dark altar and click the orb to activate it. 

Teleport yourself back to Veos. This will end the Client of Kourend quest successfully.

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