OSRS Underground Pass – RuneScape Guide

King Lathas has appointed you to discover the underground pass to the west Ardougne, where his brother King Tyras is located. Koftik will join you in this quest. 

Rewards for Completing the Quest:

  • 3,000 attack XP.
  • 3,000 agility XP.
  • 5 Quest points.
  • Iban Staff. 
  • Access to the underground pass.


Start a conversation with the King Lathas. He will ask you to discover the underground pass to Ardougne where his brother King Tyras is located. 

Teleport yourself to the west Ardougne and you will find Koftik near the dungeon entrance. He will tell you about these dungeons and then you must enter into the dungeon. Cross the rocks until you reach Koftik in the dungeon. 

Koftik will give some clothes coated with oily substance. You can make a fire arrow by using this cloth on your arrow and then you can light it with fire. Hit the ropes of the bridge with fire arrows to break them and then cross that bridge.

After crossing the bridge, collect the plank there. Move towards the hanging rock, use your rope and climb over to the other side and you will reach a trap grid. Pass the grid safely and pull the lever to open the gate. 

Then pass safely through the wall traps using your thieving skills. Then use your plank on the flat rocks to get the orbs. After collecting the orbs, follow the same path and go back and use these orbs on the furnace. 

Move back to the location where you found orbs and climb down the well at the center. Enter in the first cell. Use your spade on the loose mud to move on the other side. Cross the stone bridge that is considered to be an agility obstacle. 

Squeeze through the pipe and enter into the cage. You will find a railing there, pick that up. Then go up on the hill and use this railing on the boulder. The boulder will fall on to the unicorn. Go back to the cage and take the unicorn’s horn. 

Move into the tunnel on the north side of the cage and you will find Sir Jerro there. Talk to him and he will give you prayer potion and food. Then you have to kill all paladins one by one to get the paladin badges.

Then find the flat rock and use your plank on it. Throw the badges and unicorn horn into the well. This will unlock the door. 

Go through the gate and you will meet Koftik on the other side. He’ll tell you that you need to kill the dwarves now. Start running towards the east seater corner and enter into the cave. You will find Nilloof near the fence. He will tell you about the witch who knows the secrets of Iban. 

Move up the stairs and cross the bridge to reach the witch house. Search it there. Move back to the north on the bridge and collect the witch’s hat. 

After collecting the hat, return back to the witch’s house. Use the hat on the door of the house and then enter. Collect the doll from the chest and then exit the house. 

Move towards the southern side on the bridge and kill 3 monsters to get the amulets.  

After killing them, open the chest and collect the item number 1. Move back to the location where you met Nilloof. Talk to another dwarf named Klank, he will give you gauntlets. And then enter the building behind you to collect the bucket. 

Move out and enter the next building. Use the collected bucket on the barrel to make the dwarf brew and pick up the tinderbox behind the door. Head yourself towards the Iban’s tomb. Use the Dwarf brew on it and set it on fire with a Tinderbox. Take the ashes and use it on the doll. 

Start running towards the north until you reach a giant spider Kalrag. Attack and kill this giant spider. After killing it, use the blood on the Iban’s doll.

Move towards the dungeon sign on the map and climb up the tunnel. Pass through the broken bridge and wear the Klank’s gauntlets. Search the cage and use the item on the doll. 

Go through the bridges on the eastern side and kill the disciple of Iban to get their ropes. Move up and enter into the big door. Throws the Iban’s doll into the well. The temple will be destroyed as a result of this. 

Teleport yourself back to King Lathas and tell him that the Iban is dead now. This will end your quest.

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