OSRS Nature Spirit – RuneScape Guide

Drezel needs your help to find his missing friend Fillman Tarlock. He resides in a grotto in the terrifying swamp of Mort Myre and there is no news from him in the recent past. 

Rewards for Completing the Quest:

  • Ability to fight ghasts. 
  • 2,000 hitpoints XP.
  • 2,000 defence XP.
  • 3,000 crafting XP.
  • 2 Quest points.
  • A blessed silver sickle and a druid pouch.


Start a conversation with Drezel and ask him if he needs any kind of help from you. He will ask you to find his missing friend Filliman who lives in Mort Myre. 

Teleport to the salve graveyard, pass the gate to enter into the swamp. Start running towards the south and jump over the broken bridge.

Pick up the mirror and try to enter the grotto. Filliman will come out. Use your amulet of ghostspeak and talk to him. You have to convince him that he is a ghost by using the mirror on him. And then Filliman will ask you to bring his Journal to him. Search the grotto and you will find a book. Hand over the Journal to Filliman. 

Filliman will ask you to help him to become a nature spirit and you need to bring me 3 things for that. Follow the same path and return back to Drezel. Tell him Filliman wants to become the nature spirit and you need to be blessed to cast a spell. Drezel will bless you and now go back to the Filliman. Use the spells on three tiles around Filliman. 

Enter the grotto, Filliman will also appear in it and transform himself into the nature spirit. Then he will tell you how to kill the ghasts. Bring him the silver stickle and he will bless it. He will give you a druid pouch to fill it with nature’s bounty. 

Move out of the grotto and go towards the logs. Use the blessed silver sickle on the logs and collect the fungus from them. Fill the druid pouch with fungus and use it on the ghasts. They will become visible as a result and you can kill them. 

Kill 3 ghasts and then return back to Filliman in the grotto. Tell him that you have killed 3 ghasts, he will thank you for completing your quest.

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