OSRS Shield of Arrav – RuneScape Guide

Shield of Arrav is a quest where the shield of the famous Arrav of Avarrocka has been stolen by an organized crime in Varrock. You and your friend have to bring that shield back and return it to the museum where it rightfully belongs.  

Rewards for Completing the Quest:  

  • 600 coins. 
  • 1 Quest point. 


You met Reldo in a library and told him that you are here in search of a quest. He replied that he has no quest to offer but you may find a quest in the book named “The shield of Arrav”. Find this book in the book case. Read the book and then look for phoenix gand.  

Teleport yourself to another location in order to meet Baraek. Ask him whether he knows where you can find the phoenix gang. He will ask for 20 gold first then he will let you know. Give him the 20 gold and then he will tell you the exact location of the phoenix gang.    

Go to the location that Baraek has told you. Then move yourself into the house of Starven. He is a member of the Phoenix gang. Tell him that you want to join his gang. Starven replies that you first have to prove your loyalty to join the gang.  

You will go to the house of an opponent gang. Kill one of their members and get the intelligence report. Give this intelligence report to Starven and then he will welcome you in his gang and provide you the key to their weapon supply. Go straight to the weapon supply and there you will find half shield. Just pick that up.  

Got to Katrine, the member of Black arms gang. Tell her that you want to join their gang as a new member. She replies that if you can steal two crossbows from the phoenix gang weaponry, then they can trust you. You get the crossbows successfully and Katreine welcomes you in their gang.  

You are free to enter any room of their gang base. You will search for the cupboard and will find the other half piece of the shield there. Pick that up from the cupboard. 

Now teleport yourself to the museum of Varrok, you will meet curator Haig there. Hand over both pieces to him and he writes two certificates for you to claim your reward in front of the King. Go to King Roald and show him the certificates. King Roald will give you the rewards that  you deserved.  

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