OSRS King’s Ransom – RuneScape Guide

In the King’s Ransom quest, the player must foil a plot from the Sinclair family and Morgan Le Faye to destroy Camelot and the Knights of the Round Table. 

Rewards for Completing the Quest:

  • Access to the Knight waves training ground. 
  • 5,000 magic XP.
  • 33,000 defence XP.
  • Antique lamp granting 5,000 XP.
  • 1 Quest point.


Meet Gossip at the main gate of Sinclair mansion. He will tell you that the Sinclair family has been missing for some time. Tell him that you can help to investigate the matter. Then he will ask you to talk with the guard to Gossip.

Enter the gate of the mansion and move towards the guard and tell him that you are here to help. He will ask you to go into the house and find what happened to the family. 

Then move forward, break the windows and go inside the house. Go to the dining room and collect the scrap paper from the floor. Exit this room and go up the ladder, collect the address from the table and Black Knight Armour from the bookcase. 

Move out of the broken window and give the collected 3 items to the guard. Tell him this is the evidence that connects them to King Arthur and you think Morgan Le Fay is behind this. 

Go outside to Gossip and ask him about the Sinclair family. He will reply that Anna is currently being held as a prisoner.

Now you need to move towards the courtroom, enter it and you will find Anna prisoned there. Anna will tell you that she needs a defence lawyer to get out of this prison. Ask Anna that you can become her lawyer if she tells you the secret way to get into Camelot. She will provide you a thread as an evidence. 

Go back down the stairs and present the case of Anna in the court. Call Buttlear, gog handler, gardener and maid as a witness and ask questions.

Once all the questions and answers are done with witnesses and you have provided all the evidence, the court will declare that Anna is not the murderer of her father. 

Exit the court and move back to Anna. Ask her for the way to Camelot, she will reply that there is a statue in the garden temple. Search the statue to find out the way to Camelot. Go towards the north side to find the statue. 

Search it and you will find a path underneath the statue. You will find Anna, David and Morgan Le Faye there. By now you’ll know that Anna has fooled you and Morgan Le Faye will put you in the cell with the knights of camelot. Start a chat with Merlin, he will tell you how to save King Arthur and how to get back the Holy Grail. Once finished, head to the north wall of the cell and “Reach” the vent to see Merlin climb out.

Then help Merlin to escape this cell from the vent. Talk with every knight in the cell to get the useful items. Cast the telekinetic grab with the help of runes on the guard to obtain a hair clip and then use the hair clip on the prison cell door. Start by trying the lock. Four circles will appear in the corner. You have to make them all green to open the lock. Do this by raising the height of one tumbler at a time. Solve the lock puzzle to unlock the gate. 

Once you get out of the cell, move up to the second floor. Pick up the Holy grail from the small purple box. 

Teleport yourself to Ardougne and enter into the house of Wizard Cromperty. Tell him that Merlin snt you here and King Arthur is being turned into a granite statue. He will provide you an animated rock scroll to turn the King’s statue back to a human. 

Go to the black knights’ fortress, wear the bronze helmet and chain body to enter. Climb down the ladder and you will find the statue of King Arthur. Transform the King back to a human and then give him the costume of guard to escape the fortress. 

Teleport yourself to Camelot and move to King Arthur’s building. King Arthur will thank you for your great effort and you will earn rewards for completing the quest. 

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