OSRS Ernest the Chicken – RuneScape Guide

Ernest the Chicken is a simple quest that is not far from Draynor Manor. The players have to discover what has happened to the missing Ernest, who went into Draynor Manor to ask for directions and never returned.  

Rewards for Completing the Quest:  

  • 300 coins. 
  • 4 quest points. 
  • Access to the killerwatt plane. 


At the start of the quest, you will meet Veronica. She will tell you that her fiancé Ernest is mislocated somewhere and she is not able to find. Veronica will ask you if you can help her in finding Ernest. You will agree to help her.  

Then you will go into a big house. There you will meet Professor Oddenstein and tell him that you are here to find Ernest. Professor will tell that he is doing an experiment and Ernest is turned into a chicken because of his poulet morph machine. But now the machine is being damaged by the gremlins present in this house and they also stole some parts of it. You will ask the professor to help him in order to fix the machine.  

Now you will explore the big mansion with the help of a game map and find the secret levers located in the rooms of the mansion. You must pull the levers, this will open up new doors.  

Once you pull all the leavers, look for the oil can, which is located in a room in the western side of this house. Find and collect it. 

Now you’ve to find the pressure gauge of the machine. You will find it floating on to the fountain. This fountain is there on the southern side at the second floor of the mansion.    

After collecting all these things, go back to Professor Oddenstein. He will ask you whether you find anything or not. You will give all the collected things to the professor and then he will assemble the machine and transform Ernest back to a human. Ernest will thank you and the professor. 

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