Forager: Secret Room Locations

There are a total of 14 secret rooms in the forager. These secret rooms are equipped with loot boxes often in the form of Treasure Chests that contains valuable gems. Furthermore, there are two achievements named ‘Enlightened’ and ‘Secret Finder’ that can only be unlocked if you find all the 14 secret rooms in the game. 

Every one of these 14 secret rooms is behind breakable walls. It is important to be on the lookout for the cracked sprites in the walls as these are indications that a secret room is nearby. You are going to have to break through the wall in order to get access to the secret rooms. You can throw any weapon with AOE damage to break through the wall. Weapons that work include Bombs, Demon Swords, Demon Bows, and all rods except Necro Rods. Weapons like Pickaxe, bows, Shovel, and Swords which do not have AOE damage do not work for accessing secret rooms.  

There are 3 secret rooms each in Ancient Tomb, Skull Maze, and Crystal Cave, 4 secret rooms in Fire Temple, and 1 secret room in Wizard’s Tower. 

Ancient Tomb: (3 Secret Rooms) 

Room 1/3: Immediately upon entering the Ancient Tomb,1st secret room lies on the right side of the entrance. 

Room 2/3: This room is located right before you obtain the thunder rod. If you have obtained the thunder rod, you can backtrack to find the room where the wall is located. 

Room 3/3: This room is located right above the patrolling Shockers. As soon as you see them, look above them and you will find the secret room 

Skull Maze: (3 Secret Rooms) 

Room 1/3: Just as you enter the Skull Maze, head right and then straight down 

Room 2/3: After you have cleared out the room with 5 braziers, continue ahead and you will find the secret room 

Room 3/3: From Secret Room 2/3 of Skull Maze, continue moving forward. You will find the 3rd secret room just before acquiring the necro rod. If you have obtained the necro rod, that means you have missed the 3rd secret room. 

Fire Temple: (4 Secret Rooms) 

Room 1/4: This secret room is located in the bottom right corner of the large double room.  

Room 2/4: This room is located below the room with six light switches. 

Room 3/4: Right when you find the white skull key, look above and you will find this room 

Room 4/4: Before acquiring the blue skull key, there is a secret room on the right wing of the temple. There are vines blocking access to the temple, so tear through these vines to find the room. 

Crystal Cave: (3 Secret Rooms)  

Room 1/3: This secret room is the room on the bottom left 

Room 2/3: This secret room is the room on the top left. 

Room 3/3: This room is located directly below where you get the ice rod 

Wizard’s Tower: (1 Secret Room) 

Room 1/1: This final secret room is located in the old Wizard’s tower. 

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