Stardew Valley: Where to Find & Use the Skull Key

Skull key in Stardew Valley has become a mystery, and I have seen most of my fellow game players asking each other what exactly this skull key is, and for what purpose it can be used. In this tutorial it is explained that what exactly this key is, where you can find it, and for what purpose you can use it in the game.

The first thing you need to do is go to the mines and there check out the elevator. You will have to start working your way down to a level hundred and twenty. As there is an elevator after every five levels, so you just keep on heading down and you will find a chest.

Once you open this chest, you will find skull key in it. As you have found it, but you still don’t know how to use it, and what is its purpose, move on. It’s important anyhow because it’s added to your wallet. Now, if you open up your wallet, you will notice that you have a skull key, and it’s ready to use, and all you need to do is figure out the purpose for which it is used.

So now if you pull up your journal, you will now see a mission for the skull key. To find its purpose, you need to take a bus to Calico desert, and you can do that by finishing the vault in the community center, and then you want to head up to north to this little door. Inside, you will find another door with a skull on it but it looks locked. This is exactly where you will be using your skull key.

You insert the key in the skull hole, and you realize that it’s a perfect fit. That will complete the journal, the skull key in your log, and now you can go inside and access the school caverns which offer harder enemies, better loot, and you can keep going down quite a ways, but there aren’t any elevators here. The other place where you can use your key is the star drop saloon, and get the blue arcade machine unlocked, and with the help of this machine, you can play progress mode or endless mode.

Progress mode has a finite number of levels, and basically when you play this game, you are sitting in a mine cart, and your goal is to try to stay on the tracks by jumping. At some places, you will find it extremely difficult to remain on the track, but overall, it is very easy.

While you are running on the tracks, you can also know how much level is left, and how much lives you have by having a look at the right corner which will give you all the details.

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