OSRS Animal Magnetism – RuneScape Guide

Animal Magnetism is a quest in which the players have to help the resident of Draynor Manor named Ava. The Manor’s beds are not up to the mark and she is suffering from insomniac nights. You have to help Ava by helping her to sleep well. 

Rewards for Completing the Quest:  

  • 1 Quest point.  
  • 1,000 XP in crafting, fletching and slaying.  
  • Ava’s device. 
  • 2,500 woodcutting XP. 


The quest will start in the Draynor Manor. Start a conversation with Ava, she will ask you for help in fixing her old bed so that she can have a better sleep. She will ask you to pick two undead chickens from farms near the Port Phasmatys.  

Teleport yourself to Karamja and buy four empty pots and buckets of slime from the trader. And then teleport to the Port Phasmatys. Climb up the ladders in Ectofuntus and grind the bones in the bone grinder.  

Go down stairs and worship the Ectofuntus. Talk to the Ghost Disciple and he will give you 20 ecto tokens. Now move towards the shop in the farm and ask Alice that you need undead chickens. She will ask you to go to her husband and ask him about the family’s cash. The husband’s ghost will reply that it is there in the bank.  

Go to Alice again, she will then ask you to get the bank pin from her husband. Ask Alice to take a ghostspeak amulet to have a chat directly with her husband’s ghost.  

Go back to the husband and ask for the bank pin but he thinks that you after their family’s cash. Go to Alice and tell that your husband thinks that I’m lying. Alice will ask you to go to the old crone that may help us.  

Teleport to the Fenkenstrain’s castle and start moving towards the western side. Enter the small house and tell the Old Crone that Alice told you that you can alter the ghostspeak amulet that will allow her to talk with her husband. She will give you a crone made amulet.  

Give the amulet to Alice’s husband and he will offer to sell your undead chickens for 10 ecto-tokens each. Buy two chickens for 20 ecto-tokens and then teleport to edgeville to get iron bars from the bank. 

Go back to the Draynor Manor and give these items to Ava. Exit this room and enter the room in the north corner. You will meet Witch in this room, tell her that Ava said that you can make magnets. Give her 5 iron bars and she will make selected iron bars for you.  

Now teleport to the Rimmingtone mine and move towards the north. Then use your hammer on the selected iron bar to make magnets. After making the magnets, teleport yourself back to Ava.   

Give the magnet bars to Ava. Then she will ask you to bring the regenerating wood by chopping the tree outside of Draynor Manor. 

Move outside the Draynor Manor and chop the undead tree. But the tree will attacking you back and you will not be able to chop it. Go back to Ava and tell her about this.  

Ava will ask you to go to the Slayer master, Turael in Burthorpe. He may be able to help you out. Teleport yourself to Burthorpe and enter into the house of Turae. Tell him that Ava sent you here and she asked you to chop the undead trees.  He will ask you to bring a Mithril axe and a Holy Symbol, give him both items and he will make you the axe. Teleport back to Draynor Manor. 

Chop down the tree and give the wood piece to Ava. Now she will need a container and will tell you that she has some research notes and will ask you to translate these papers. Open the page and you will see some buttons on it.  

Click on button number 1,3,4,6,7 and 8. Then give the paper back to Ava. Use the polished buttons with hard leather on the pattern and give the container to Ava. This will complete your quest.

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