OSRS Troll Romance – RuneScape Guide

In the Troll Romance quest, you need to help a crying troll. You need to bring rare flowers from icy land and kill Arrg. Then the crying troll Ug will be able to express his love to Aga.  

Rewards for Completing the Quest:

  • A Sled. 
  • 4,000 strength XP.
  • Sledding route from Trollweiss Mountain. 
  • 8,000 agility XP.
  • 7 Uncut gems.
  • 2 Quest points.


Enter into the troll stronghold, go down stairs in the kitchen. Pass through the door and you will find a troll in the room. He is crying there and tells you that he is in love with a beautiful troll, Aga. But she is with Arrg who is a very strong troll. Tell  him that you will try to help. 

Move back and enter into the room of Aga, ask her about the love life. Aga will tell you that she wants a Trollweiss plant, a very beautiful flower.

Move back to Ug and tell him Aga needs Trollweiss plant. Ug will reply that someone who spends his whole life on the mountains may know where to find these flowers. 

Teleport yourself to Burthorpe and enter into the house of Tenzing. Ask him where you can find Trollweiss plants. He will reply that you will find the plants in the domain of ice trolls. But  you need a sled to go there. Go to Dunstan, he will tell you how to make it. 

Enter into the Dunstan’s house and tell him that you are here for a sled. He will ask you to bring rope, an iron bar and a maple log. Then he will make a sled for you. 

Swamp tar on the wax and then use it on the sled to get the sled waxed. Then teleport yourself to Trollheim and go down the hill. Start running towards the north until you reach a cave. 

Go to the north western corner of the cave and enter into the Crevasse. Then use your seld to move on to the slope of ice. 

Move up the small hill and pick up some rare kind of flowers.

Follow the same path and go back to Ug. Give the flowers to him and then he will ask you to kill Arrg. Enter into the room of Aga and tell Arrg that you are up for a fight. Then you will be teleported to the arena. Kill Arrg and pick up his bones. 

Return back to Ug and tell him you have just killed Arrg. Tell him that now you talk to Aga. And this will end your quest. 

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