How to Get “Find the Beans” Badge in Wacky Wizards

This guide will let you know how to get Beans Ingredients and “Find the Beans” badge in the Roblox Wacky Wizards game. 

First, you will need the dynamite ingredient. Move this way towards the cactus desert. 

There you will find dynamite under the rail.

Now go back to your land and place it on the table to unlock it. Once you get the ingredient, you have to put it in the cauldron and spawn a potion. 

Now take this potion to the cave. Drink the potion and stand near the rocks to get rid of them.  

Drain the cauldron, put a giant’s ear in it, and spawn the potion.

After that, go back to the cave. Go inside it and pour the potion on the spoon. 

The spoon will start to become bigger. You can use it to make your way to go ahead. For the next hurdle, go back to your cauldron.

Now you will need to drain the cauldron, put a fairy in it and spawn the potion. 

Head back to the cave again. Drink the potion, then step on the platform to go up. 

After that, you have to pick up the beans and return to your land. 

Place the beans on the table to unlock them. Then put the beans into the cauldron, and you will see beans as ingredients in the book. 

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