OSRS The Feud – RuneScape Guide

Ali Morrisane, the greatest merchant needs your help to find out his nephew Ali in a small town Pollnivneach.

Rewards for Completing the Quest:

  • The desert disguise. 
  • A willow black jack. 
  • 15,000 thieving XP.
  • 500 coins.
  • 1 Quest point.
  • An adamant scimitar.


Start a conversation with Ali Morrisane and purchase a Kharidian headpiece and a fake beard, wear them up. He will request you to find his nephew Ali in a little town called Pollnivneach. 

Teleport yourself to Pollnivneach and enter into the pub to purchase 3 beers. You will find drunken Ali in the bar, ask about the nephew of Ali Morrisane. He will demand beer first and then he will tell you that Ali disappeared somewhere. 

Move out of the bar and enter into the house of Bandit. Ask him about their dispute with Menaphites. He will tell them that they once robbed our camel. Ask him if Menaphites can give you a camel so can you end this dispute. He will agree on this. 

Enter into the purple tent and start a conversation with Ali, the operator. He will tell you about their feud with Bandits and they once robbed their camel. Ask him if Bandits gives you a camel then will you end the dispute? . He will also agree on this. 

Go into the camel store and give the camel man 500 gold coins to purchase two camels. He will give you the receipts of your purchases. 

Move back to the Bandit and give him the camel receipt while telling that Menaphites have agreed to give you a camel.  

Go to Ali, the operator. Tell him that Bandits have agreed to give you the camel and give him the camel receipt as well. But they both will reply that they need 10 camels now. 

Then Ali will ask you to join their group and he will ask you to pickpocket 3 villagers to gain his trust. Pickpocket one and then go to Ali for some advice. He will tell you to distract them. Go to street urchin near the well and give him 10 coins to distract the villager. 

He will distract the villager and you can easily pickpocket him. Now go back to Ali and ask for another advice. He will give you an oak black jack and ask you to pickpocket using the force. Hit any villager and then pickpocket him. 

Return back to Ali and then he will ask you to retrieve the jewels of the mayor’s wife. He will provide you a key to open the door. Open the gate of the mayor’s house with the key and move up the ladder. Enter into the bedroom and open the safe behind the painting. You will find jewels in the case. 

Return back to Ali and hand over the jewels to him. Then he will ask you to find the traitor in between them. Go to the Menaphite Thug and ask him about the traitor. He will reply that the Traitorous Ali must be the traitor. 

Tell Ali that the traitor must be Traitorous Ali. Ali will ask you to kill him. Go to the bar and you will find snake charmer outside, buy the snake charm and snake basket from him. And then capture the snake in your basket by using snake charm. 

Enter into the kebab shop near the well and purchase special kebab sauce from him. Use this sauce on the food near the camel store. Take one bucket from the store and fill this by camel dung.

Then go to the house of Ali, the hag. Give her the snake and camel dung so she will make poison for you. 

Go back into the bar and put this poison in the beer of Traitorous Ali while he is in the toilet. 

Return back to Ali, the operator and tell him you have poisoned the beer of Traitorous  Ali. Ali will then ask you to go to the boss of their gang. While you are talking with him, an enemy will appear to attack you. Just attack back and kill him.   

Then move near the well to have a chat with villagers. He will tell you that you have made a big mistake by killing that person. Go to the Bandit leader, he will thank you for killing that person. And after that an enemy will appear which you have to kill now. 

The Villagers will be angry at you. Then move forward to the house of the mayor, he will thank you for what you have done for their city and will tell you about the nephew of Ali Morrisane. Teleport back to Ali Morrisane and this will end your quest. 

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