OSRS Another Slice of H.A.M. – RuneScape Guide

Another Slice of H.A.M involves another plot by Sigmund to destroy the Dorgeshuun. The players have to kill him and rescue Zanik.

Rewards for Completing the Quest:

  • Access to the Dorgeshuun Train.
  • 3,000 prayer XP.
  • 1 Quest point.
  • 3,000 mining XP.
  • The ancient mace. 
  • Ability to buy goblin village teleport spheres.


Go to the Lumbridge mines and enter into the Dorgesh-Kaan. Start a conversation with Ur-Tag, he will ask you to go to the train tracks between their city and the dwarven city. 

Exit the building and start running towards the south and reach the transportation sign on the game map. Pass through the door and you will reach the train track. Tell goblin Tegdak that Ur-Tag has sent you here. He will ask you to help him in extracting and cleaning the goblin fossils. He will give you a specimen brush and trowel.

Search the tunnel to find the artefacts on the ground. Once you find them, use your trowel to dig them out and then place the artefacts on the specimen table for cleaning. 

After the cleaning, Tegdak will examine every artefact. Then the goblin Zanik will ask you to go to scribe. 

Go back to the Lumbridge mines and enter the house of the goblin scribe. Zanik will show him the mace that you extracted from the artefacts. Scribe will tell you to go to generals and tell them about this weapon.

Go to the bank and enter into the room of Oldak, tell him that you want to take the mace to the goblin generals. Oldak will make glass spheres for you that will take you to the goblin village and then return back here.

Use that sphere and you will be teleported to goblin village. Go straight to General Wartface, ask him if he can tell anything about the mace. General Bentnoze will tell that this is the holy mace of Big High war god. 

Soon H.A.M snipers will come to attack the building of generals. Move out of that building and go up to the top of the tower and kill the snipers but Sigmund will succeed in kidnaping Zanik.

Teleport yourself to draynor village and go down the swamp. After entering the dungeons, climb down the ladder and ask sergeant Mossfists to wait. Enter the door and wait for the guards to attack sargeants, then move forward and go down the ladder.

Kill Sigmund to save Zanik.

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