OSRS Scorpion Catcher – RuneScape Guide

Thormac’s scorpions have escaped from the cage. He needs your help in bringing his pet scorpions back. 

Rewards for Completing the Quest: 

  • 6,625 strength XP.
  • 1 Quest point.
  • Ability to have Thormac turn a battlestaff into mystic staff for 40,000 coins. 


Enter the sources tower and climb up the ladder, you will find wizard Thormac on the top floor. Thormac will tell you that he lost his pet scorpions. Tell him that you can help him in finding the scorpions. He will tell you to go to the village of seers and will give you a cage to catch them.

Teleport yourself to seer village and enter into the house of seer. Tell him that your friend Thormac has sent you here and he has lost his pet scorpions. Seer will tell you that the scorpions are in some kind of secret room with spiders. 

Teleport to barbarian outpost. Enter the outpost and you will find one scorpion by passing through the second gate. Pick that scorpion in the cage.

Now teleport yourself to the monastery. Enter the building and move up the ladders. You will find the second scorpion in the room. 

Then teleport to the travelary dungeons and pass through the prison door. Start running south and pass through the lava bank and you will reach the black knights outpost. Enter into the big gate and kill the jailer just outside the cells. 

Collect the jail key and enter into the jail. Rescue Velraka and he will give you a dusty key as a reward. 

Go back near the lava bank and cross the bridge to go on to the other side. Open up the gate near the dragons with the help of a dusty key. Open the old wall and enter into the room. You will find a third scorpion there, capture it in the cage. 

Return back to Thormac and give them the cage with 3 scorpions in it. This will end your quest and you will get rewards for your effort. 

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