OSRS What Lies Below – RuneScape Guide

What Lies Below quest involves the task of helping the Varrock Palace Secret Guard to deal with the evil schemes of Zamorak. They need your help to recover their lost documents.  

Rewards for Completing the Quest:  

  • 2,000 defence XP.  
  • 8,000 runecrafting XP.  
  • 1 Quest point.  
  • Access to a shortcut to the chaos altar.  
  • A beacon ring.  


At the start of the quest, initiate a conversation with Rat Burgiss. He will tell you that he was going to Varrock and was being robbed on his way. The thieves damaged his cart and stole away very important documents. Ask him if he needs any help. He will reply that they went to the northwest side of Varrock and will give you an empty folder to get the documents back.   

Teleport yourself to grand exchange. Find the camp of outlaws there and kill five of them. On killing each of them, they will drop a paper, pick them up. Use the papers on the empty folder. 

Mover back to Rat and give the paper folder to him. He will then ask you to take a letter from him and deliver it to someone. So, he will give you a letter.  

Teleport to Varrock now and enter into the castle’s library, you will meet Surok Magis there. Give him the letter that Rat has given you. He will read the letter and then destroy it by saying that this is a top secret. He will tell you that he discovered the ancient magic spells to create gold, bring him a bowl and a metal wand infused with chaos magic and he willll share the gold with you after making it.  

Now teleport yourself to Edgeville and enter the wild area. Then teleport to the Mage of Zamorak and move towards the altar. Use infused wand on the altar   

Go back to Surok Magis, give the wand and bowl to him and ask him about the gold. Surok  will reply that he needs some time to prepare the spell, meanwhile take this letter to Rat. He will hand over a letter to you. 

Teleport yourself to the champions guild and give the letter to Rat. After reading the letter, Rat will tell you that he is actually the commander of the Varrock palace secret guards. He will tell you that Surok has discovered a powerful weapon and wants to use that on the King. Tell Rat that you mistakenly provided him the items. He will ask you to meet Zaff, he may have a solution for that.  

Teleport to Varrock again and enter into the Zaff’s shop. Tell him Rat has sent you here. He will reply that he has created a spell that will remove mind control from the King but the King must be very weak to cast the spell. He will give you a beacon ring and ask you to fight against the King to make him weaker.   

Move back to Surok, tell him that you are the member of Varrock palace secret guards and is here to arrest him. Surok will reply that he has completed his spell and will control the mind of your King. The room will go darker and the King will appear in the room. Attack the king to bring his HP to 1. 

When the HP of the king comes down to 1, click on the beacon ring and operate it. This will restore the king’s mind and teleport him to a safe place. Take the dagon’hai book from the shelf and return back to Rat. This will end your quest.

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