OSRS Cook’s Assistant – RuneScape Guide

In the Cook’s Assistant quest, players have to help the cook of lumbridge castle by collecting the ingredients , so he can make a Duke’s birthday cake.

Rewards for Completing the Quest: 

  • 300 cooking XP.
  • 1 Quest point.
  • Permission to use the Cook-o-matic 100. 


Start a conversation with the cook in the kitchen of lumbridge castle. He will tell you that he forgot to purchase the ingredients that are required to make the cake for Duke’s birthday. He will ask you to help by bringing all the ingredients. 

Take a pot and move down the ladder. Collect the bucket from the table and move out of the castle. Go to the dairy farm and fill the bucket with cow milk. 

Start running towards the north to reach the chicken farm and take an egg from there. 

Go back and cross the bridge over the ocean. Enter into the wheat field to get the wheat and then go to the mill just next to the field. Use the wheat on the hopper and then operate it. And you will get the flour from the floor bin. 

Return back to cook and bring him all the ingredients to finish the quest. 

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