OSRS Witch’s Potion – RuneScape Guide

In the Witch’s Potion quest, the players have to help Witch Hetty in the making of a potion. This potion will help you to improve your dark arts. 

Rewards for Completing the Quest:

  • 325 magic XP.
  • 1 Quest point. 


Enter into the house of witch Hetty and tell her that you are looking for a new quest. Hetty will reply that she can make a potion which will improve your dark arts. Then she will ask you to bring the ingredients, an eye of newt, onion, burnt meat and a rat tail.

Enter the building just in front of the witch’s house and kill one rat to get his tail. 

Then enter into the joint building with the witch’s house and burn the meat on the cooking range. 

Move back to witch Hetty and bring her all the ingredients. She will put the ingredients in the cauldron to make the potion. After making it she will ask you to drink the potion from the cauldron. This will end the Witch’s Potion quest. 

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