The Forest Crafting Recipes Guide

In the Forest, Crafting is a feature where new items can be created by combining essential crafting materials. In order to craft something, you need to access your inventory by pressing the “I” button. You need to place the item’s essential components in the center of the inventory by right-clicking each item individually. To make sure you have the right recipe, look for the gear icon that only appears when you have the correct items. The new item can be created by right clicking your mouse while hovering over the crafting materials and once it is created, you can add it to your inventory by right clicking it again.  

Armor Crafting

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Weapons and Tools

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Miscellaneous Items

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Upgrading Items

The following upgrades can be applied to the following weapons: Plane Axe, Crafted Axe, Rusty Axe, Modern Axe, Club, Crafted Club and Upgraded Stick.

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