The Forest Crafting Recipes Guide

In the Forest, Crafting is a feature where new items can be created by combining essential crafting materials. In order to craft something, you need to access your inventory by pressing the “I” button. You need to place the item’s essential components in the center of the inventory by right-clicking each item individually. To make sure you have the right recipe, look for the gear icon that only appears when you have the correct items. The new item can be created by right clicking your mouse while hovering over the crafting materials and once it is created, you can add it to your inventory by right clicking it again.  

Armor Crafting

Lizard Skin Armor Lizard Skin This is the most basic armor in the game. Just kill a lizard and skin it. You can then equip up to 6 of these at once.
Stealth Armor Lizard Skin + 15x Leaf It offers the same defensive capabilities as lizard skin armor but with an added advantage to stealth. It also helps with disguise when you are in the bushes. You can wear up to 6 of these.
Warmsuit Raccoon Skin + 6x Deer Skin + 4x Boar Skin + Rabbit Fur + 2x Rope + 2x Cloth  This suit can be used as an armor in cold environments.
Bone Armor 3x Cloth + 6x Bone +  Twice More effective than Lizard skin armor. You can wear up to 6 of these.
Rabbit Fur Boots 3x Rabbit Fur + 2x Rope Made from rabbit fur, they keep you warm while improving stealth.
Snowshoes 5x Stick + 2x Rope Allow the player to move effectively on snow.

Weapons and Tools

Crafted Axe  Stick + Rock + Rope Useful in cutting trees and combat.
Crafted Bow Stick + Cloth + Rope Useful for hunting cannibals.
Upgraded Stick Stick + Cloth Causes higher damage than regular stick.
Upgraded Rock Rock + Cloth Causes higher damage than a regular rock.
Weak Spear 2x Stick Useful for fishing and hunting.
Upgraded Spear Weak Spear + 2x Cloth + 3x Bone Upgraded version of spear, you can attack cannibals but when they are alone.
Incendiary Spear Upgraded Spear + Cloth + Booze Better than upgraded spear, you can set enemies on fire using it as a held weapon or a projectile.
Slingshot Stick + Cloth + Electrical Tape Can be used to throw rocks.
Arrow  Stick + 5x Feather This recipe gives you a pack of 5 arrows, they can be used with a bow.
Fire Arrow  5x Arrow + Cloth + Booze A pack of five arrows, used to set enemies on fire.
Bone Arrow  Stick + 5x Feather + 5x Bone A pack of five arrows, more effective than regular arrows.
Poison Arrow 5x Arrow + 4x Twin Berries 5x Arrow + 4x Snow Berries 5x Arrow + Amanita Mushroom 5x Arrow + Jack Mushroom A pack of five arrows, attack your enemies with them and they will have less speed and decreased attack.
Flintlock Pistol  Gun Part 1 + Gun Part 2 + Gun Part 3 + Gun Part 4 + Gun Part 5 + Gun Part 6 + Gun Part 7 + Gun Part 8  Single shot pistol, requires old gun ammo.
Bomb Booze + Circuit Board + Coins + Wrist Watch + Electrical Tape Regular bomb, creating enough damage to kill a lot of enemies in a single explosion.
Sticky Bomb Bomb + Sap This bomb can stick to its target.
Head Bomb Bomb + Head Most powerful explosive in the game, kills all enemies in a single explosion.
Molotov Cocktail Cloth + Booze A bomb with liquor inside, sets all enemies in range on fire. You need a lighter to use it.
 Toy Torso + Head + 2x Arms + 2x Legs It can be used as a weapon and you will be rewarded an achievement for crafting this.


Water Skin 2x Deer Skin + Rope Used to transport water.
Pouch 2x Rabbit Fur If you don’t have this, you will consume all berries and mushrooms at once. This allows you to store them for later use.
Rock Bag Boar Skin + 3x Rope + Cloth It can store 10 stones.
Stick Bag Rabbit Fur + 2x Rope + 3x Cloth It can store 20 sticks.
Throwable Rock Bag Rabbit Fur + Rope It can store 20 throwable rocks.
 Spear Bag 2x Boar Skin + 2x Deer Skin + 2x Cloth + 3x Rope It can store 5 spears.
 Quiver 3x Rabbit Fur + Rope It can store 20 more arrows.

Miscellaneous Items

Rope 7x Cloth 
Orange Paint 2x Marigold + Sap 
Blue Paint 2x Blueberry + Sap 
Blue Painted Weapon Blue Paint + Plane Axe Blue Paint + Upgraded Rock Blue Paint + Upgraded Stick Upgrade Aesthetics of your weapons, no added benefit.
Orange Painted Weapon Orange Paint + Plane Axe Orange Paint + Upgraded Rock Orange Paint + Upgraded Stick Upgrade Aesthetics of your weapons, no added benefit.
Repair Tool 2x Stick + Rock + 2x Cloth + 10x Sap This tool can be used to repair damaged buildings.


Herbal Medicine Aloe Vera + Marigold Restores some lost health.
 Herbal Medicine+ Aloe Vera + Marigold + Coneflower Restores lost health completely.
 Energy Mix Chicory + Coneflower It restores energy.
 Energy Mix+ Chicory + Coneflower + Aloe Vera It restores the entire energy bar.

Upgrading Items

The following upgrades can be applied to the following weapons: Plane Axe, Crafted Axe, Rusty Axe, Modern Axe, Club, Crafted Club and Upgraded Stick.

Speed Upgrade Feather + Sap + weapon Increases the attack speed of the weapon by 0.1, while decreasing damage by 0.05.
 Damage Upgrade Teeth + Sap + weapon Increases the damage of the weapon by 0.1 points, while decreasing the attack speed by 0.05.
 Damage Upgrade+ Booze + Sap + weapon Increases the damage of the weapon by 0.2 points, while decreasing the attack speed by 0.1.
 Fire Upgrade Cloth + weapon This upgrade allows the weapon to set enemies on fire.
Fire+ Upgrade Cloth + Booze + weapon More Damage than fire upgrade.
 Poison Upgrade 4x Twin berries + weapon 4x Snow Berries + weapon 1x Amanita Mushroom + weapon 1x Jack Mushroom + weapon It allows you apply poison to the weapon.
 Flashlight Upgrade Flashlight + Chainsaw + Electrical Tape Flashlight + Modern Bow + Electrical Tape Flashlight + Crafted Bow + Electrical Tape Flashlight + Electrical Tape + Flintlock Pistol You can attach a flashlight to your weapon using this upgrade.
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