Tips for STU in Solo Showdown

This guide will provide you with handy tips & tricks for STU with GEARS in Solo Showdown. 

STU is an insanely strong assassin brawler and can move very fast around while dealing damage, but it has little health. You can buy the damaged gear for Stu, so when he is below 50% HP, he gets a 10% damage boost, and it’s impactful.

STU gets almost always down to 50% his health because he is an assassin brawler who can get quickly close and back in the distance and needs to make risky plays. The extra 10% damage does help him so much. 

Gears are very powerful; it makes a big difference to play with or without gears in any game mode. You will have extra damage-heal advantages, health advantages and more but expensive. 

His star power Caso Heal is by far the best choice; it heals and doesn’t cover too much distance. You can dash slightly forward to control where you are going and when you need to take a distance, and it heals.

What will help you play STU better is always auto-aim your supers; it’s so easy and very effective; only aim for your super when you are in a bad situation, and your super will make you lose or win! or when you use your gadget.

STU stays one of the top-tier assassin brawlers, look how easy and fast he can chase enemies, cross around the whole map and make consistent kills. In combination with damage gear, the shield gear will bring perfect balance. 

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