Tips For Raising Chicken in Harvest Town

This guide will let you know how to raise chickens in harvest time. It will also provide you with some useful tricks to raise them. 

Chicken in Harvest Town

The first thing you will need to do is to make a poultry house as a carpenter.  

You can find carpenters in the northern town, and it is open every day, except Saturday. 

After that, you have to enter the shop to order about making a poultry house.

And when you build a poultry house, you need to build a bait shop too. So you can make food for your chicken, but there is another way to feed them. 

When you already have a poultry house, you can buy some animals at the ranch.

Animal list based on level of a poultry house:

Level 1 -> chicken

Level 2 -> Duck 

Level 3  ->goose

Level 4 -> peacock

Now you will need to select the house and name the chicken. 

Feeding the animal, there is some way to feed them. First, you will need to buy forage seed from foxy in the grocery store. 

This seed will grow, and you can harvest it for hay. The seed will grow to forage and harvest it with a sickle for hay. 

Those animals can eat the grass for food, or you can make the food from bait shops. Feeding animals makes them happier and love you. 

And you can hatch the egg by yourself when you upgrade your poultry house to level 2.  

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